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Why do men want hard sex?

Wild prostitute for hard sex
A man by nature must have physical and moral strength, some power, the ability to achieve his. His strong qualities of a man manifests in all spheres of life, including intimate relationships.
Rare representative of the strong half does not dream of hard sex, balancing on the brink of wild passion and even rudeness.

Looking for roots in history

Remember the era of conquests, wars and raids. How did the wars with women come about when they received the besieged cities? Yes, they were taken with force. The other side of the coin was the marriage of convenience. Alas, in such cases, the girls rarely counted on tenderness and affection from their husbands.
In addition, not everyone was aware of decency in handling the weak half. Even the sexual act for the purpose of genital extension was permeated with a certain rigidity and rudeness.

Adult Movie

Most modern men from time to time watch movies marked 18+. In such films you rarely see sensual and gentle sex. Looking at scenes of hard contacts, men try to translate what they saw with their woman.
However, not always the spouse or the constant girl will agree on such. Moreover, men are often embarrassed to talk to their partner about such fantasies. And in vain, because many women do not mind to arrange a night of wild passion and hard intimacy.

Men's franknesses

Whatever one may say, men love to tell each other about their adventures and partners. Not always, the main heroine of men's exploits is a wife or a girlfriend. The point is that the essence of stories is reduced to hard sex. As here listeners do not want this.
Someone goes to seek a lover who loves rough sex, others have frank conversations with a beloved woman.
Anyway, having learned from his chosen one about his desire to diversify his intimate life with sex, as in adult films, do not rush to call him a pervert. It is best to discuss all those aspects that will be acceptable to both of you.
Seven seats for oral sex in men's fantasies
Oral caresses have been and remain the desired form of sexual contact on the road to pleasure. Bedding, bathroom and car have long become boring to men as those places where you can get a blowjob.
Recently, a survey was conducted among several dozen young men about the places where they would like to enjoy oral sex.

1. Solitude in nature

There are lots of options: a forest, a field, a secluded place near a river or a lake. Here there is an element of the absence of civilization, as well as nostalgia. One can only imagine exciting emotions from fellatio in a tent or under a starry sky.

2. Underwater caresses

Blowjob under water - one of many male sexual fantasies. And the place for this is best to choose such, where there can be people, to get stronger. But few people will guess what a woman does, diving under the water. Of course, for such pleasures, it will not be superfluous to have a preliminary training in the bathroom.

3. We go to the restaurant

In an expensive restaurant you can not only enjoy delicious dishes, great music and atmosphere. Men dream of having their partner start flirting with her heels under the table, adding to everything her playful look. And then I hinted to go to the dressing room, in which, having closed, the woman will give a delicious blowjob.

4. Places of interest

Here the meaning has a more psychological factor than physical pleasure. Men incredibly turn on the aspect, being caught with a "pleasant affair", as well as the fact that something is happening that is forbidden from a moral point of view. Such places can be shops in the park, rear seats in the cinema, dressing rooms in clothing stores.

5. During the trip

When a man is a little tired of oral caresses in his car, it's time to fantasize about other places, for example, blowjob in the toilet of an airplane, a train compartment or even a reserved car, a regular bus to another city, the metro. Exciting sensations from intimate pleasures in such places at night, when people are not either they are asleep, are provided both to the man and the woman.

6. In the elevator or porch

Double enjoyment of physical contact and the aspect of "antisociality" will give an unrealistic buzz. Someone blowjob at the entrance or elevator is associated with the young years, others are a means to bring variety to the intimate life, and others even find romance in it. Anyway, but men want fellatio in such places.

7. While watching a movie

Any man will get a fabulous pleasure when a woman begins to do blowjob while watching an erotic film. Intimate scenes from movies, groans of pleasure, oral caresses, received from a beloved girl - weighty arguments to embody such an idea.
Fantasize together, go in search of the most unusual and even extreme caresses, where you will get unforgettable sexual impressions.

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