Prostitutes of Kiev
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How can you determine the nature of the gaiety on lipstick?


Everyone knows that the female character is not so simple and mysterious. In order to understand it you need to notice all its external manifestations, which the young lady unconsciously and subconsciously shows. This article will help everyone who wants to understand the nature of the girl on the lipstick she used.

So the girls who prefer lipstick saturated shades, in the life of an optimist. They are sociable and like to flirt with guys. These girls live to the fullest and get everything from life to the maximum. The young lady chooses a light tone of lipstick or lip gloss. Her character is very kind, it can be called a heartfelt nature, she puts feelings first, and then mind. She is also very fond of romance. All this, of course, is fine, but such a representative of the weaker sex needs to listen to their reason and also be more open in relation to others. Ladies who love to draw a lip contour with carnishes are the exact opposite of the girls described above. They precisely know their desires. Such a woman is very disciplined, reasonable and cold, often sets goals that she achieves, is successful in the business sphere. Such barishniam with a steel character, you have to listen to your heart, not reason. You can find girls using a variety of flowers lipsticks and glitter.

A prostitute with a light lipstick
These are prostitutes. They are windy and erratic. They have acting skills, they are easily used to adapt to different situations.

Girls who use lipstick dark shades, own a complex character. At the subconscious level, they want to stand out and be special and attract others' eyes.

The above positions bear only common points. This is all individually. For example, Madame can love one color of lipstick, but use another, since the first one does not fit.

Also, girls can not always choose conservatively the fondant shades, use different glosses and lipsticks for evening and daily make-up, meetings or work. You need to consider the quality, the price of lipstick and then how the girl puts it on the lips. The choice of shades should also depend on the appearance of the woman. Traditionally, the specialists identified 4 groups that have the names of the seasons. These are: summer, autumn, winter and spring. For example, women in the first group have pale light skin, dark hair, platinum blondes among them are very, very rare.

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