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The spirit of rivalry among women


No wonder they say that the man who can outdo a woman in treachery was not born yet. All individuals of the fair sex are characterized by such features as the spirit of competition and the unceasing struggle for a place under the sun.
Earlier in history it was noted that only males fought among themselves, proving their primacy among other individuals. But, at the present time, the picture has changed significantly.

Cunning prostitute

A woman in society always tries to show herself more beautiful, better, richer than all the others. And the ways to achieve this goal are very diverse. Very carefully they think through clever plans and strategies, make friends with potential enemies, dissolve gossip. Men are so incapable of this. It is alien to them.
The young ladies will never be able to forgive the emotional trauma. They will always remember it. And some even turn malice into a revenge plan, which can last throughout life. Representatives of the stronger sex most often quickly forget the offenders and go further. And this is an excellent quality, which greatly facilitates their life.
In addition to some emotional aspects of life, girls always pay attention to the appearance of potential rivals. Even at a subconscious level, they will always compare themselves with other female representatives. Evaluate the appearance of the outfit, hairstyle, manicure and all other details of the image. And they will always try to prove to themselves their attractiveness and charm. Highlight yourself against the background.
So get up on the road with predators is not worth it. In their anger and aggression, they are capable of the most unpredictable acts.
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