Prostitutes of Kiev
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Women's habits


Female behavior is always different from masculine, it manifests itself in all aspects of being. We are ridiculously different and often do not understand each other, but life without a man and whether without a woman in the house weighs on us, causes an inferiority complex and endless sadness.

  Habits of whores 

At the request to show hands the girl will stretch their palms down, and the man palms down. If you want to go down from the hillock, men spread their legs widely,  and the experienced prostitutes of Kiev move sideways. Making love to a woman always thinks whether she looks pretty enough. When a woman is called then she just turns her head, and the man turns into a body body. A man if yawns to cover his mouth with his fist is his habit, and women are palm. A man undresses grabbing a shirt on his back from behind, a woman will not do it. If a girl smokes, she always holds a cigarette in her hand, and does not bite the filter, unlike a man. Seeing in the movie hit in the groin, the woman does not flinch. To their sexual organs women do not give names and nicknames, do not talk to them and do not take offense at them. True funny statistics? That is why men and women often do not understand each other. Prostitutes are gentle and vulnerable. But in our time, as everything has lost its primary meaning, men wash their dishes, and women do "plow" with might and main. Even among bodyguards, thirty percent of women. Why does this happen and what kills femininity in girls. Points that ruin femininity.
1.The lack of a hobby.
2. If a woman does not wear dresses, and all the time pants, this harms her femininity.
3. Fussiness in a woman looks unattractive.
4. Social activity should be manifested for the soul, and not for everything else. Remember in the film "The most charming and attractive" girlfriend taught the heroine of Nadia: "Do not lead social work with such zeal, it is better with the look of tired doom. Doom coloring a woman ... ".
5. Avoid non-female work.
6. The lack of girlfriends. Some feelings and emotions can and should be discussed only with the girls, the husband will not understand the "smell of a new red handbag."
7. Sport should be female: fitness and yoga, athletics, a bicycle all this effectively emphasizes femininity.
8. Excessive independence with her a woman loses fragility.
9. Men's business to nail down the shelf, something a man should have in the house. If there is none, call a neighbor or a special service, there necessarily will be a man, at the same time and get acquainted.

Spicy diseases.

Even if you are a sophisticated researcher of amorous pleasures, you are not immune from venereal diseases. Venerology is an interesting science because you do not need to be a doctor to be interested in your health. Many claim: "Warning, then armed!". And this is a true judgment. Most men and women despite the age, education and place of work, social status have no idea about infectious diseases transmitted sexually. Consequently, they may well be carriers of such. Education. People who are not versed in medicine, pass each other "terrible tales"
about venereal diseases, thereby exposing the potential danger of their listeners, misinforming them with false explanations. This article will try to orient the reader in the right direction and, if necessary, he can independently form on this issue. After all, the main purpose of this publication is not to frighten and disgust, but to encourage people to be more attentive to their health, share true information and dispel stupid legends. So, the diseases that have a name in honor of the goddess of love of Venus are called, those that are transmitted during sex, they cause different kinds of fungi and bacteria living in living organisms. There are long known classic viruses, and new ones - discoveries of medical minds. To the classic include: syphilis, gonorrhea, mild chancroid, donovanosis, venereal lymphogranulomatosis. To the new: herpes genital organs, candidiasis, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, HPV infection (human papilloma virus), trichomoniasis, genital warts, urethritis, gardnerellez. How can you protect yourself? The methods are quite simple: the presence of a permanent partner, the hygiene of the genital organs, the use of a condom (with unstable communication or different partners) and a visit to the specialist every six months. Legends and misconceptions. Women and men can all make mistakes, here are some misconceptions about sexually transmitted diseases.
1. Oral sex is safe. This is not so risky of course less than with sexual contact, but many diseases are transmitted orally.
2. Sexual contacts with married partners exclude the risk of illness. Not true. A person may not know that he is infected, in women it can be slow processes.
3. Sex with citizens passing the commission with a check kozhvendispansera (kindergarten, school, food industry) excludes infection. No chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, you can get a common smear of them does not reveal.

So, take care of your health and people close to you!