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The men broke their heads wishing to learn how to tame a woman. I have an answer. It's impossible. The female being is light, airy, and unstable as spring weather. To tame the girl with money Only the sun was shining, but a breeze flew by, the clouds began to run in and in five seconds a real storm with a thunderstorm broke out. Ten minutes later the clear sky, the flowers turned their gaze to the washed sun, leveling and recovering after a sudden weather. This is the image of a woman.

Free prostitutes in Kiev
  But at the same time the whole girl's half subconsciously or consciously seeks to please men. This is the law of nature. Who would not argue that this is so. Maybe some girls do not like this treatment. Even very beautiful women are not attractive to all men, no matter how strikingly it sounded. Men choose women in appearance, smell, timbre of voice, gait. Free prostitutes in Kiev know that a strong gender prefers women of medium build, not thin. They attract rounded forms, soft lines, femininity.
  A friend of life is chosen by instincts laid down at the genetic level. It must correspond to the function of procreation. Cleanliness symbolizes health, it is unlikely that you will like a man being with unwashed hair that is carelessly raked into a bun. The woman's eyes are her insight, since ancient times the girls have sought to emphasize them using available methods, making a silent hint of her mental foresight. Hair, skin, nails, natural blush is what arouses and attracts a man to you, but not a two meter tall model with pale skin exhausted with leanness.
  Cosmetics in our time can change appearance beyond recognition. All women want to be attractive. Well, please, there is nothing shameful in refreshing your appearance using makeup, the main thing is not to spoil the natural beauty. Most young people prefer to have a relationship with older women. This is because the girls in their thirties know the sense of a natural measure. Slightly tinted, a little grouchy, a little upset, and so on, and not a glowing yelling hysteric.
  If the companion is restrained during the day and absolutely relaxed at night, then the admiration of her man is ensured! To spit on his stretch marks on the hips, and not a very flat stomach, he will not see for him a woman will be a queen.
  Each beauty has its secrets of seduction, strings of influence on the guy. But if you want to get married and live a long happy family life, the answer is simple: peace of mind during the day and unrestrainedness at night!