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Female behavior and psychology


 Everyone knows the expression that it is impossible to understand a woman, even to women themselves. According to men, all the conflicts that arise in relationships lie in the psychology and behavior of women.
The girl is in the kitchen. Behavior of slut.


But such a statement is very wrong and not fair, moreover, it does not sound respectful and offensive to the weaker sex.
  Why do men often have problems with girls? Many say that their prostitutes or wives are simply offended by trifles. Is it really so, and what are we to do in such situations, we try to sort out today.
  Each person has his own pain threshold, this applies not only to physical pain, but also emotional. When you start building relationships with someone, in the process you can be very surprised to learn that the partner reacts differently to innocent, seemingly statements or to unfulfilled promises. Try to analyze, maybe your girl repeatedly told you that she was joked about the so-called "female logic" or racist jokes, and you, sincerely not considering this something offensive, keep releasing them in her presence? Any of your actions that seem familiar and completely harmless for you can very much hurt your partner and thereby be a conflict in your relationship. Perhaps she many times asked you to hang a towel in place after a shower, and now quietly gets bogged down, for the hundredth time watching it roll on the washing machine wet and crumpled?
  Try to track down on what specifically you are failing. In most cases, the problem is solved by conscious control over your actions, especially if your girlfriend is precious to you.
  They say that there are situations when a person takes offense at all in a row without a real reason, simply because his character is so unstable, but in such stories one does not really believe it.
  The woman is the most beautiful thing that was created by nature. Without it, there would be no life on earth, for it is she who is capable of creating a new life. Female psychology and logic is a unique gift that is endowed with a weaker sex. Therefore blame the girl in her natural gift is also silly how to say that the Earth is flat. Men just need to find an approach to their beloved and live with her character, at any cost, because you once fell in love with her just that. Love our beautiful women, because they are unique.