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If a woman threw a beloved


What should a woman do in a situation when her beloved man throws her and she wants to save her family. On this account, there are many options, of which each woman chooses her own. Some resort to the method of blackmail, demanding from the beloved compensation of material needs, others pursue a new passion for men, threatening her with reprisals, etc.


Whatever it was, it should be remembered that revenge is not a way out of the situation, by this you will only exacerbate the relationship and make yourself worse. The plan for revenge is born out of mental pains that are deep within a person and which can increase day by day, leading to hysteria and severe depression.

The best way out in this situation will be a new relationship. To begin with, you have to pull yourself together and calm down. An excellent means for calming down here can be the support of a mother, a girlfriend or a passion for work. After the emotions are settled, you can proceed to sober and calm reasoning.

As it is not sad, but the previous relationship can not be restored, therefore only one conclusion arises here: forget the past and build new relationships.
We need to calmly analyze emotions without a husband and wife together. In conflict situations, both parties are often to blame, so the reason for quarrels should be sought, first of all, in yourself and only then start to develop a plan for the return of a loved one.

Try to change outwardly, not sparing for this, neither the means, nor the strength, and then arrange a kind of casual meeting. This you should not cause any problems, because the habits of a loved one you know very well.

At the same time, you need to be reserved to prevent any mistake. For example, do not ask a man to come back to you, as this will look like a return to what he left.

Do not cause a feeling of pity for yourself, a woman in such a situation exposes herself as pathetic, losing attraction in the eyes of a man.

It is not necessary to blame only the man in the incident, even if it is really so. If you want to return it, you must find the strength for forgiveness. Hysteria or aggression only demeans a woman, reducing the chances of restoring the previous relationship.

Do not need to question him about the new woman, the comparison may not be in your favor. Do not disturb the old wound, which was prolonged for a long time. Every man feels a passion for himself, so become a mystery to him so that he can conquer you again.

Completely changed and realizing that the fault of separation lies with both of you, and having decided to start everything from the beginning, you will be able to return to previous relationships.

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