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The reasons for the delay of the monthly in girls


A continuous process of promoting reproduction of a woman is called the menstrual cycle. One of the most important reasons for delaying menstruation is pregnancy. But, in addition to pregnancy, there are other indicators that affect this process.

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Stress and exercise

If a woman is experiencing a lot of negative emotions, she may experience stresses that are malfunctioning. Also, large physical loads affect this indicator. Many famous athletes have such problems. Problems of a family and labor nature, a break with a guy, exams can become a sudden cause of delay in menstruation. The organism perceives stress as an inability to give birth in a given period. In this situation, you need to contact a specialized specialist. To stresses that violate the menstrual cycle include lack of sleep, fatigue.

Dysfunction of the ovaries

This is whitening and is a delay in menstruation. Constantly. The causes of this disease are diverse.

Climate change

Many women during the period of moving to another country with a different climate have a monthly delay. Sometimes a long interruption in a solarium or in the sun are also provocateurs of this situation. An overabundance of ultraviolet can cause cancer of the skin.

The weight

Changing the climate if a woman has problems with her weight, there is a delay in menstruation. This applies to haughty yet lack of weight. In a situation with excess weight, adipose tissue has effects on hormones.

Intoxication and heredity

Intoxication with cigarettes, drugs, alcohol can cause a delay. Work on toxic plants is also a cause.
If this type of problem was observed in families on the female line, then the probability of heredity is present.
And as the reasons for delay of the monthly are gynecological and not gynecological.
For gynecological reasons include a variety of tumors: uterine myoma, cysts on the ovaries, cervical cancer. Inflammation and infertility. Use of hormonal contraceptives. Abortions and miscarriages.
For non-gynecological reasons, there are different medications. The onset of menopause.

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