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Raise the man


How to excite a man with touches?

Sex at home
Sometimes by touching it is possible to say things that can not be said in words. Tactile sensations in the sexual world are a special language of love that can awaken burning sensuality and become a signal for the subsequent passionate night.
Wherever you are with a man, touching is a powerful weapon in the hands of a woman embodying passion and desire.

Our hands are not for boredom

Just touching gentle female fingers to a man's hand or knee, can make him tremble like a boy. Train this skill, being with him in the car, shop, guests. Add to this a fascinating look, and you will notice that in a few seconds he will look at you, like the goddess of Love.
Flirt with a man, lightly touching his nails on the index and middle fingers. Caress his shoulders and cheek with the back of his hand. Do not forget to apply perfume on the pulse area, so that his skin retains the aroma as long as possible in a reminder of you.

Exciting consciousness drops

Do not rush with kisses, use water or ice cube. Water will become a faithful helper in the bath or shower. Just caress your damp body. Do not rush, stay for a while on each part of the body, putting all tenderness and passion into your touch. Imagine the powerful sexual energy that you transmit in this way.
A cube of ice or snow can be used both on the street and at home. Conduct them on the skin, and put out a drop of water collect fingers or palm, gazing into the man's eyes. From such women's tricks no one will stand.
Sensual massage - item number 1 in the art of love
Do massage using oil or special gels, as well as massagers or other aids. For complete enjoyment, add to the touch of your hands a light tickle feather or your hair. Also in the massage you can use ice cubes, citrus slices. Do not forget to do massage not only on the back, but also the front part of the body of your chosen one.
A woman who decided to give a real emotional drive from a massage, it is worth making this process using the touch of her body: breasts, hips, buttocks, shoulders. And already, when the man starts to its fullest, connect kisses and oral caresses.
Make a touch to the male erogenous zones. By the way, they are not only the genitals, but also the neck, lobes of the ears, the back of the hand to the elbow, the stomach, chest, and sides of the torso.