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Trichology has appeared relatively recently, but already enjoys special popularity, because it is responsible for the health and unmatched appearance of the hair. All prostitutes in Kiev want their hair to be thick and healthy.

Hairy blonde
There are special clinics and trichologists, doctors, but their number is very small. Therefore for today it is necessary to look for them also.
Before contacting the trichologist for professional advice, you should know that fragility, dull look, dandruff and seborrhea appear due to health problems. It can be caused by a disorder of the hormonal system, various diseases of internal organs or stressful situations. Therefore, for a start, you need to undergo a comprehensive examination, go to an appointment with a therapist, and after that you can apply to the trichologist.
At the beginning of the appointment, before the examination of the hair, the trichologist should inquire about your heredity, because such a factor can very badly affect the health of hair follicles and it will be difficult to correct such a problem, and sometimes it is almost impossible. Statistics show that 75% of the population are dissatisfied with the state of their own hair, but not all apply for qualified help.
Most often, prostitutes go to the clinic trichology with a question of hair loss. This problem is called apolition. To solve it, the trichologist will conduct a head skin examination with the help of biochemical and microelemental analysis.
To be 100% sure of the cause of the disease, doctors use microvideo diagnostics. This procedure is completely painless, before it is carried out the client needs to wash his head and lightly dry with a towel. Then the doctor will use a special sensor to inject the scalp into the skin. And at this time a woman on the screen can simultaneously see for herself all the problems with her own hair follicles. It's quite an exciting process.
After determining a clear diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. It consists in physiotherapeutic procedures and in the application of special pharmacological agents. Also, the treatment does not neglect the folk remedies for hair restoration, and along with modern preparations, the recovery is rapid and a 100% result of the outcome of the hair disease is guaranteed.

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