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Hair transplantation


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All prostitutes love their hair, even if they do not look well-groomed. They spend a huge amount of money and energy on maintaining hair in a beautiful state. And if there is a sudden baldness, then this is an incredibly big problem for the female. Therefore, today you can perform a hair transplant operation. By the way, it is quite popular, and especially among men, because they grow bald more often.
There are several reasons for balding prostitutes. This can happen due to frequent stressful situations, due to violations of the endocrine system or lack of vitamins. Also, there is a sharp hair loss in women nursing their children. Some representatives of the weaker sex can grow bald by the type of men. That is, because of the production of androgen hormones. These hormones significantly affect the hair follicles, and they are killed because of the harmful effects. Affect hormones only the frontal part of the head and the area of ​​the crown, whiskey and the back of the head are not influenced by androgens. Or maybe the opposite effect. Because of the excessive secretion of these hormones by the body, a large scalp can appear on the chest, back, arms and legs.
Before contacting a surgeon for help, it is better to first visit such doctors as a gynecologist, endocrinologist and trichologist. After all, maybe the reason lies in the acquired diseases and by their treatment it will be possible to get rid of excessive hair loss. But if after the examinations no diseases are revealed, then it is better, of course, to do hair transplantation while it's not over. In addition, one of the reasons may be a genetic predisposition. In this case, you can not delay precisely.
The essence of the procedure is that a part of the skin with healthy hair bulbs is cut from one part of the head and transplanted in the area of ​​alopecia. Where the scalp area was cut, the doctor sews this place with cosmetic sutures. This operation is performed under the influence of local anesthesia.
There are also contraindications to this operation, such as intolerance to drugs that are used in local anesthesia, poor blood clotting and diabetes.

After surgery, the prostitute can go home right away. About three weeks will not be possible to visit swimming pools and saunas. Sutures will be removed in two weeks. If one transplantation is not enough, then this operation can be carried out several times with a short interval of time between them.