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Cherry branch


Massage "Vetka sakura" as an erotic prelude.

Exciting massage from a young girl
A woman who knows the sense in erotic massage, and even more so in such as the Sakura Branch, will cause a constant desire of his man. This relaxing procedure is offered by various leisure male shops. In fact, every woman can learn this massage and make it at home.
What is the feature of this massage?
It is performed practically without touching hands. The main excitement is provided by the contrast of temperatures. The appropriate atmosphere, the naked body of a man and a woman are tuned to erotic waves. Gusty desire, velvet kisses and caresses of the tongue do everything to make the volcano of passion boil instantly.

A few words about the atmosphere

Take care that you have enough time. In advance, purchase candles, aromatic sticks, essential oils. Ideally, give preference to aromatic aphrodisiacs. From music, choose something romantic or meditative.
Remember that a man should be in a good mood, not too worn out at work.
Before the massage, offer your loved one to take a shower or a bath. It would be superfluous to wash his body, flirting with a man's gaze, as if hinting that tonight would be special.

The temperature drops for fomenting passion

To perform the massage "Vetka cherry" will need ice cubes. It is also advised to use cognac and orange slices. First, the body is heated by massage using a massage oil. After that, you can use an ice cube, sliding on the neck, shoulders, back, buttocks and legs of a man. Now it is necessary to lick the remaining droplets from melted ice, warming the skin with warm breathing, gentle kisses. To warm the body, you can not use oils, but choose cognac, which in a few seconds will heat up the skin. To suppress the smell of alcohol, add a little orange juice by running a slice along the body parts.
This massage is performed not only on the back of the body. After the back and legs are over, the woman asks the man to turn over and does the same manipulation on the neck, chest, arms, partner's stomach.
Another moment that is allowed in the massage "Vetka sakura" - it's gentle biting. They can be carried on the nipples, shoulders, the area between the back and stomach. The main thing is not to overdo it so as not to cause pain.

Perform a man's dream

Deciding to give the man a real bliss, in the form of oral caresses, a woman should not use ice for the genitals. Cool lips with which you begin to make caresses are best suited.
Do not bring a man oral sex before orgasm. Let massage, kisses and blowjobs remain a prelude, and your gentleman will certainly thank you in the night of passionate pleasure.

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