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Diseases for love


 Intimate diseases began to be recognized by science from the 14th century. The French people are romantic and inclined to love pleasures, took part in the definition of sexually transmitted diseases, namely a doctor named Jean Fernell, called them venereal in honor of the great goddess of love of Venus. In 1974, their growth increased so that specialists decided on the delimitation and classification of sexually transmitted diseases. Old, classic and new urogenital.

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  Where, then, should trouble come? Usually, such health problems are observed with frequent changes in the sexual partner and unprotected contact with the infected. Men are more likely to suffer from such ailments and are spreading the infection. Disease-causing microbes falling on any mucous membrane begin to multiply actively and spread throughout the body.
It is possible to infect not only with various intercourse, but also in everyday life. A wet towel of the patient, a sponge for the shower, a toothbrush and other objects can keep alive bacteria. So, in no case do you need to use other people's things.
  Identify the diseases of intimate areas will help a female gynecologist for men should consult a dermatovenerologist. After all, among the diseases of this type are found leading to death. Incidentally, having such a nuisance as a venereal disease is severely affected by immunity. And as a consequence, a whole bunch of various bacilli complicating a serious treatment clings to you.
There are quite generalized hints of the body for the appearance of such an infection.
  Odor and discharge in the groin, redness of the genitalia and edema, lower abdominal pain in the female half, pain with urination, increase in the size of the lymph nodes of the intimate area, with sexual contact, unpleasant and painful sensations. All this is the first bell. If you observe these symptoms, it is better to visit a specialist without delay and to clear up your fears or to start effective treatment on time.
  After all, you need not only to heal yourself, but also to protect your partner, who is certainly not indifferent to you. Venereal diseases often affect both, so your second half may also need some rehabilitation. To report such a nuisance with your health, you must. Do not be afraid! Ways of infection are different, as well as the degree of complexity of the disease, referring to a competent doctor you will receive exhaustive information.
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