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Eternal love

Mistress hopes for the money of the old man
At the beginning of a love relationship, every prostitute hopes that her union will not be destroyed, and it will last forever. This is due to the fact that at the beginning of each love story in a state of falling in love with a person is ideal to idealize his partner, not paying attention to his shortcomings. But as relations develop, we come across everyday reality and begin to notice in our partner that it is not as ideal as it seemed to us at first. Are you ready to put up with the shortcomings of your partner, and he - with yours? Will your relationship last another year, two or all your life? This article will help every woman with this figure out. There are 3 models of relationships that can show how strong your union is. Choose the one that is closest to you and find out the result. The main parameter of the family is: cohesion, hierarchy, flexibility, external and internal boundaries, role structure.

Relations that have already outlived their own.

You notice that your relations stand still and do not develop. It seems to you that the flame of your love is extinguished and no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to ignite the flame. Communication with each other becomes more and more tense. And you began to think often about how much longer these relations will last. Do not despair! This problem is confronted by most women, because women are prone to the greatest idealization of their partner at the time of falling in love. What to do? Give your paint relationships. Take part with your man in any contests and games. Now there are a lot of them: quests, presentations, etc. You can arrange an extreme holiday: going to the mountains, going to a ski resort or visiting a rope park, which is now almost in every city. It will be a good way to diversify not only your pleasant joint leisure interests, but also sexual relations. Role-playing games. Arrange with your boyfriend, husband about the opportunity to play a sexual scene with an intimate sequel. Unambiguously warm up your relationship and cheer up.
Bed scene with rose and undress

Marathon couple.

You support each other in everything, carry all sorrows and joys together, often please each other with various trifles. You give each other personal space. There are no scenes of jealousy and domestic scandals. You know how to give in to each other. Congratulations! You have an ideal relationship that will last a very long time. But do not relax so as not to fall into a routine.

Uncertain relations. 

No one in your couple can decide on whether you are ready for a true family life. You are given a concurrence of circumstances and do not do any actions that develop your relationship. Each of your pair gives the anchor of seriousness to the hands of the other. If your relationship is more than two years old and there is such a situation - urgently think about whether you need these relations in general. Set yourself up for a serious relationship, otherwise the gap will be swift.