Prostitutes of Kiev
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Clever, beautiful, but why are they lonely?


In today's world, most women have become independent.

A modern lady earns well and can boast of her social status. Every day more and more women sit behind the wheel of cars, which can speak of their high incomes. But sometimes in the personal life of these young ladies there is not everything so bright and rosy. Why does this happen?
The main problem of modern girls is that their psychology is the cardinally opposite male. It simply happened that the representative of the stronger sex always had a dominant position in the family, because he provided everyone with his family. Even in primitive times, the man was engaged in fishing and hunting, and the woman was the keeper of the family hearth and was waiting for the return of the beloved from the hunt. In today's world, a woman can work on a par with a man, but this does not mean that male psychology has changed.

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The Independent Girl
A male representative of a natural leader

The leader of a man will not tolerate self-expression in his woman. He yearns to be recognized, wants to be considered independent and everyone around him respected.
A common mistake women make, experts call their desire to prove to the guys their independence and what they can do. It's silly to compete with men, because of this you can only worsen your relationship with the opposite sex. Guys prefer weak girls who do not want anything but just do the work at home or not at all - they do not have any relations. But how can a strong and intelligent lady take possession of a man's heart? It is worth giving an opportunity for a guy to realize himself and show his abilities, to feel his need and the importance of the work done. He wants to look in the eyes of his beloved woman smart and strong, able to cope with any difficulties.

Potential and initiative from the girl

In order to have a close male shoulder, girls need to have a lot of patience and also it needs to stop showing their wits and hiding their true potential. Do not swear with him and prove your rightness, it's best to make a joke. It is not necessary to touch the male ego and criticize any actions of the representatives of the opposite sex. Do not also tell him about the low salary. After all, the constant criticism of his inability and insolvency to ensure the family will only make everything worse and exacerbate an otherwise not simple situation.