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The Kiev club

We wanted to reveal the topic, and our attitude to the issue of free sex. The question originated from the message, in the general chat, there is no hairui. Namely:
06:10:12 hairui: too expensive
06:10:29 hairui: I can go to the Kiev club and find free
10:56:42 Admin: hairui - find for free :) and the price for the entrance to the club, the price for treats, the price for a taxi ... and in the end the girl will say that she needs money from you ... for the same sex: )
 11: 9: 39 Admin: Or do not ask for money from you hairui if he sees that you have nothing to ask. I, as if I have not met a girl, I always give her gifts or money. And this is not a label for such a girl - a prostitute, and confirmation in her eyes and in my understanding of personal status (a wealthy guy) !!!

Targeted searches in Google search

First of all we want to note that this site does not advance on disputable requests. Strictly key queries in English. We had experience when the competitor had a large attendance of the resource, because of vague key inquiries ... example: "How to buy flowers for a prostitute in Kiev" (the name of the city is changed, but the meaning is clear).
He was in search of 1 place for a similar request "How to buy flowers in Kiev." There were other similar NOT targeted requests.
We see the statistics of inquiries on the site and ensure that all visitors are 87% asking target inquiries related to sex escort in Kiev or commercial sex. In three languages.

Objectively on the question of sex

Whatever feelings are not associated with a couple in love, they are subject to certain obligations, requirements.
 A woman wants money from a man in the house, which she could spend on herself, on rest, on clothes, food ...
A man wants a woman to cook deliciously and wash his socks :). Was gentle, affectionate, caring and the like ... True.

Disco. Night club
And as a rule, both lovers impose on each other the realization of their secret dreams. Which are often not met. Remain only dreams. Because of what couples and swear, argue and part.
With commercial love, sexual partners understand what is required of them. Requirements are not veiled, not hidden behind some sort of actions. Which must be decoded and understood. And with the wrong decryption get a scandal. Relationships on a commercial basis are understandable and feasible now (now) whether it is escort escort or sexual services.
Young girls do not know how to ask the man for money in nightclubs in Kiev. Just bred men for gifts and treats when meeting. So to say check its solvency. And if a man liked the girl, then she will agree to spend time with him. The main factor affecting the choice of a girl is, again, the availability of money for a man. Or the appearance of consistency.
 Experienced girls are not conducted on snotty guys who ponutsya in front of them. These guys are bred for money (gifts, treats) and leave.
Although we hurry to Europe, but if a man treated a girl in a nightclub and paid for a treat, then the girl does not have to have sex with him. Our dear guests from Turkey, Germany and Israel are forgetting about this.
We believe that for a man to make a gift or give money to a girl after sex or after dating or after a well spent time together, do worthily!
This confirms the status of a wealthy and respectable male guy.

Become a prostitute once

In ancient times, there were customs when a young girl was supposed to go to church and give herself there for money to any man. It is difficult to assess the fairness of this tradition from the current position. But as we consider, nothing is just so, especially traditions, do not appear.

Who searches for prostitutes in Kiev

We put statistics on site visitors by country.
United Kingdom

Statistics for the day more than 500 unique visitors come to the site in English requests.
We are left with the opinion that it is more profitable and honest to remove a prostitute in Kiev than to deceive the hopes and dreams of young and inexperienced girls.
 Let them burn their wings, get experience and knowledge in the company of the rosters.