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The possibilities of your acquaintances are your opportunities


Business connections are the admission to the world of success

In our life, today, it is quite difficult to solve some serious issue without outside help.
Any talented and hardworking person finds it difficult to get through in life. To success and prosperity.
Therefore, every sane person sets himself as fast as possible to establish necessary and useful links.
If necessary, people will not rush from side to side and will be able to reach out to acquaintances whose opportunities will certainly help in solving this or that issue.
To date, the availability of useful business ties is the simplest and most effective way to improve one's well-being, career, and standard of living. The importance of business ties is attached to business.
With strong competition without partnerships, it is impossible to develop or retain your business, your business.
What is necessary to get acquainted as simply and effectively as possible? For this, you do not need to have a professional psychological education.
It is enough to develop the skills of communicability and know the simple rules of building networks of business acquaintances.
In simple language you need to become a communicator. A communicator is a person with communication.

Rotshild in the photo Rothschild.

He knows how to not only build bridges with different people, but effectively interact with them.
And not the social status, and the levels of influence of these people for communicators is not the main priority.
The main thing for them is the ability to achieve their goals as quickly as possible or to get the desired result. To save personal time when creating truly effective business connections, you need to break up the dating into three groups. Useful acquaintances. Less useful acquaintances. Useless acquaintances.

Useful acquaintances.

Useful familiar name speaks for itself. This is the most understandable and the most concise classification of useful business ties. It will be much easier for you to form your network from the right people.

The circle of your friends should always take into account professional diversity. Have familiar representatives of various specialties of doctors, lawyers, builders, politicians. The second point in your circle of friends is the demographic diversity. It is desirable to have acquaintances in different parts of the country or in other countries. Try to leave your place of residence. Be sure to get acquainted with people in other regions. There must be people different in character and personality types.

Less useful acquaintance.

In group useful acquaintances and less useful coincide on a principle of acquaintances:

1 people who have the answers we need. We can always consult such acquaintances for advice.

2 people who have the resources or opportunities we need. Through these people, our problems or issues are resolved.

3 people who can do the work necessary for us. Basically, these are representatives of different professions, whose abilities will be useful to us.

Not useful dating.

These are people about whom we do not have complete information. You do not know their capabilities.

A more effective structure is the classification of useful acquaintances.

This classification is applicable in any area of ​​relationships between people to achieve the desired result.
Objects of business relations are divided into the following categories:
Decision maker
Influence agent
Mr. X

Decision maker

This is the person whose actions determine the possibility of achieving the desired question for you, the goal. Leader - this is usually a person vested with power or having the necessary for you opportunities.

Influence agent

The agent of influence is the very mediator who can influence the Leader in taking advantageous decisions for us. The agent is influenced by his family, authoritative friends, subordinates and so on. With whom the Leader decides. People to whom he listens and trusts.
We remind you that it is always much easier to solve a problem through the agents of influence than to contact the Leader who makes the decision.


In relation to tasks to achieve their goals through the capabilities of other people, the informant is the person supplying you with information about the person making the decision or about the Influence Agent. Experience shows that the best informer is people who have direct contact with the leader who makes the decision. For example, in business, this is a secretary-referent, assistant managers or call girls, prostitutes.


Allies are people who do not have any influence on the person making the decision, but who are ready to help you. How can allies help you? Allies can influence Influential Agents or the person making the decision. How does it look in life? In the company hierarchy or administrative structure, they are employees. And no decisions are taken by definition. But if you enlist their support, then they can begin the process of discrediting the used object, the law, the actions. And for this it is enough to constantly drip on the brains of your leadership and convince him that there is a better subject, better law, the best solution. And the solution of the arising problem "accidentally" can be your proposal. After some time, this information will necessarily fall to the person making the decision directly, or through the agents of influence. The chance that your proposal will pass is multiplied several times.

Mr. X

The role of these people is not defined due to the lack of complete information. You do not know which category to include them.

Outcome: The effective use of the capabilities of your people will allow you to get more information. You will always know which of them to use and in what situation to achieve your goals. Your task is to get the Leader of the decision making to do what you need. Proper use of people's business opportunities will help you Solve Problems and Questions.

Applying the above practice in everyday life can always effectively manage your career, income, finances. To be successful, it does not have to be fashionable and over-popular.

In the next article - the collection of information. In the Internet. When communicating. Identification of values, motivation from friends. Manipulation.