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Microcurrent face therapy


Microbial therapy of the face is a physiotherapeutic procedure. The weak impulses of electric current have a beneficial effect on the skin.
This procedure has a huge number of benefits. The skin becomes refreshed and fresh. Any woman is obliged to get acquainted with microtreatment therapy of the person. A lot of pleasure and only positive emotions will remain after this procedure.

Facial therapy

Indications for microtubule therapy:

Eliminate fine wrinkles.
Helps in the fight against pigmentation of the face.
Blizzards and dark circles disappear under the eyes.
Struggles with increased fatty facial skin.
Heal ugly scars from acne.
Eliminates the effects of different types of dermatitis.
Reduces swelling of the face.
Shrinking pores.
Improves oval and face color.

Also very often the microtubule therapy of the face is used for better penetration into the skin of various creams and care products. Also, this procedure is a preparatory step before a plastic surgery.
The procedure for microtubular therapy begins with the fact that a woman cleans her face with scrub or peeling. Then the appropriate creams or necessary gels are applied to the skin. After that, the electrodes are already applied to the client's face.
A woman may experience slight tingling. But if the sensations are more painful, then you need to ask to reduce the frequency and intensity of the pulses of the electric current.
The procedure time is about 40 minutes. It is recommended to undergo the whole course of microtubule therapy, it consists of 12 procedures. Visible results will be noticeable after 5-6 procedures. But depending on the problems that need to be addressed, the number of procedures and time spent is different for each client.
At the end of the procedure, the facial skin is cleaned of the rest of the cream and applied to a grooming mask, which after a while washed off with cool water.

But there are also contraindications for microtubule therapy. This is pregnancy, epilepsy, infectious diseases, body piercings. Also at the time of this procedure, the bracket owners will have to remove them.
Regular visits to such a magical procedure will rejuvenate your skin and allow you not to resort to plastic surgery. The skin of the face will come to the necessary tone, improve blood circulation and lymph flow in the tissues. Also, it will receive a large amount of oxygen and all unnecessary redness will come.

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