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Barolaser therapy


Barolaser therapy is an effect on the body of a Kiev prostitute decompression of a local action and a laser. This procedure is considered both preventive and curative. Many women prefer to attend this useful procedure.

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  The procedure of barolaser therapy is due to the mirror canister inside which low-frequency pressure is created. This is due to the connection of the can to the processor. Due to the fact that the bank is made of glass with a mirror surface, it allows the laser beam to reflect off the surface.
  During the procedure, the cosmetician introduces a mirror can by the locus of the disease or cosmetic defect. This is a kind of massage. The duration of the procedure is 45 minutes. The session consists of 15 procedures.
  Advantages of barolaser therapy:
  Increase in protein synthesis and tissue trophism. All this is due to the positive effects of the laser. Especially it helps patients who already have noticeable age-related changes, scars and striae;
  Lipolysis occurs because of improved blood circulation in the tissues;
  Improves blood circulation. Capillaries begin to expand rapidly due to a sharp decrease in atmospheric pressure due to the influence of the mirror can;
  Has an anti-inflammatory effect, because because of increased blood circulation, the synthesis of prostaglandins is inhibited. Therefore, this method is used in acute inflammatory forms of various diseases;
  There is also an anesthetic effect. This is due to a decrease in the sensitivity of nerve endings due to increased synthesis of endorphins;
  Lymphatic drainage is performed;
  Treatment of cellulite, helps even in large areas of damage such a visible ailment. The effect can be noticed even after 2-3 procedures. Often the cosmetologist conducts barolaser therapy to fight cellulite in addition to wrapping problem areas;
  Allows to remove fatigue from the vertebrae, make them more mobile and reduce fat folds near it, which can be formed during life due to malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle;
  It is recommended for tissue repair after surgery, with this therapy the healing process will occur much faster;
  Eliminates swelling of tissues and metabolic products.
But if a prostitute breastfeeds a child or is in an interesting position, then it is not recommended to attend barolaser therapy.