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Tantric Sex


Sex is the basis of every person's life. This is one of the main components of the relationship between a man and a woman. But in each pair there are their problems in sex, which can lead to betrayal, resentment or a rupture of relationships. Variety in sensations. In sex. Tantric sex is the key to solving such sexual problems as: monotony in sex, early ejaculation, the search for other lovers, etc.


 Tantric sex is the practice of tantric teachings of Buddhists about intimacy that allows a person to attain enlightenment and expand his consciousness. 

Traditional sex is a purposeful process in which a person goes to one - an orgasm. In tantra - orgasm is a pleasant addition to the process itself. In tantric sex, the greatest pleasure is the pleasure of one's partner. In the process of sex, the partner should be perceived as a deity. The goal is to give, not receive. Then a person is freed from animal instincts and the compulsory goal of ending sex with orgasm, so this will help a woman and a man prolong sexual pleasures. Men change their attitude to sex: do not "finish" for a long time, but enjoy the process. The person begins to understand that the orgasm proceeds throughout the sex, that is, the orgasm is not a reflex, it is a state of mood when you feel the energy boiling in your body, connected with the energy of the partner. As a result, a person has a much greater pleasure than after a standard sex. Tantric sex can be practiced only if you completely trust your partner. Before you start, you must concentrate completely on your partner. Nothing should distract you. In tantric sex, all actions are slow, both at the moment of foreplay, and during the time of coitus. It is not possible to master this kind of sex to prostitutes from the very beginning, so you need to train hard to achieve a good result. The original technique of tantric sex should be aimed at slow actions and overcoming the goal of achieving an orgasm. If someone from the pair on the verge of orgasm, you need to stop and wait. Approaching orgasm is necessary together, but not reach it as soon as it approaches both. You need to balance, then you will feel each other's energy and infinite pleasure. It's important not to think about yourself during sex! The main thing is your partner! Having mastered this technique, you can more deeply study the techniques of tantric sex already using different poses.
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