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Bridal bouquet


Wedding bouquet is an indispensable attribute of any wedding. You can not do without it.
Traditionally, the groom gives a bridal bouquet to a bride after a ransom. Then, after the process of marriage, the young spouse will throw this bouquet into the crowd of girls, passing the baton of the wedding to another unmarried woman. So the role of the wedding bouquet is very high.

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It is better to order the production of a bouquet only in a specialized salon of experienced florists. If you make a hasty bouquet in a flower tent, the result will be appropriate. Florist will also need a photograph or sketch of the future wedding dress, in order to correctly choose and make the desired composition. If the dress is modest and strict, then the bouquet should be appropriate. And when the bride looks flamboyant and extravagant, then the composition should fit the dress. Florist to produce a bouquet should be allocated about two weeks, in a very short time it will not be possible to make an original and unique composition.

Flowers are better for choosing the season. So, and the bouquet will come out at an affordable price, and it will look like it should be. Do not be ashamed to give a prostitute any gift, but it is better to please her with a beautiful and stylish bouquet. She will appreciate it and thank in bed. Very often used prostitutes in Kiev to make such a delicacy of roses of a variety of shades. Peonies, tulips, lilies, callas, lilies of the valley are also used. Some prefer exotic flowers. The main thing is that the smell is not strong, as the resulting headache can spoil the whole event.
Wedding bouquets are also performed in different colors. Even the age of the future wife influences the choice of the color shade of the bouquet. If the bride is young, it is better to make the composition in light colors. For an adult woman, you can choose more saturated, juicy and bright colors.

Also it is necessary to consider certain accessories of the whole wedding image. The wedding can be performed in absolutely any style. If a brooch of a certain shade or a flower, a ribbon or a belt is attached to the dress, then this should combine qualitatively with the elements of decorating the wedding bouquet.

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