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The holiday wedding is timed to the solemn registration of marriage. After the conclusion of the union, the couple invites relatives and friends on their holiday to share their joy, and the guests, as usual, give presents to the young people with the necessary gifts. 

The bride invites

Celebrating the wedding has a great variety of options flavored with various rites and signs for the bride and groom. One of the traditions is the baking of a wedding loaf. A caravan is a wedding cake that the newlyweds must necessarily eat. He is painted with flowers from dough, with different braids and looks very elegant and festive. At the same time, they observe who got the bigger piece and that will be the dominant one in the family. The tradition of baking two grooms one groom is known, and the bride is eaten only by two. And the second beauty of the bride gives all unmarried girlfriends, so that they also have their "piece of happiness." The subject of pride is a wedding veil. It was considered the symbol of the virginity and innocence of the girl from ancient times. In our time, they get married and without a veil, replacing it with flowers, wreaths and even hats. And in vain from time immemorial it was considered, the longer the veil the girl has the longer the joint life of the newlyweds.
Signs. Wedding in the modern world is less common. But those who decided to perform this sacrament should know about the signs on it. When the wedding ceremony is worn, the bride and groom must say: "I'm getting married, and my illnesses are not crowned." Whoever will be the first to marry the towel will be the head of the family . After the wedding, young people are showered with money, sweets, rice or grain, so that young spouses are married and in good and prosperity. Parents bless the young people leaving the bride's house with icons that newly-married couples should keep their whole life in their house. At the stroll witnesses of young, tie up two bottles of champagne. The first is uncorked for the anniversary of the wedding, and the second for the birth of the first child. The groom must transfer the bride through the threshold, with his arms guarding against spoiling. If it turns out that the groom leaving the house forgot something, then the witness will need to return for the forgotten one, and the bridegroom's return is strictly forbidden. When a young girl enters the house to her husband, she must certainly break a plate in it, in order to avoid quarrels in the future. At the wedding, the godparents give young pacifiers and new sliders. Preliminary on the legs of the sliders I tie ribbons. One pink for the girl, the second blue for the boy and offer guests at the wedding money to vote for who is the first born of the couple. If you want a young boy put a bill in the leg with a blue ribbon, and in pink if the girl. Then the money is counted and the audience is announced who won. Money remains young. Will take a lot, but the main sign is Love to each other.

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