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Correction of breast nipples prostitutes


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Not all elite prostitutes in Kiev can boast of an ideal form of their own breasts and nipples. This is a youthful breast that looks elastic and beautiful, but over the years there have been significant changes. Most often this is due to pregnancy, breastfeeding and age-related changes. But plastic surgery does not stand still and can solve such a problem as the wrong shape of the nipples.

Quite often, the surgeon can refuse to perform this operation, because it is fairly simple to perform, but it greatly affects the further feeding of the child. In some cases, after correcting the nipples, it will be impossible to breast-feed the baby. But if a woman no longer plans to do this and does not have any serious illnesses, then one can safely perform such an operation.
There are several problems for nipple correction, namely areoles too large in diameter or asymmetrical, retracted or atrophied nipples. Often with the correction of nipples, women simultaneously decide on the operation to increase their own breasts.
When the areola is asymmetric, the surgeon makes a small incision on it and removes part of the pigmented skin, and then gently applies cosmetic sutures.
The drawn nipple appears due to the presence of a small number of milk ducts. When carrying out the operation, the nipple is pulled outward with micro cuts. If the prostitute plans to breastfeed in the near future, then the traction system is imposed on the nipple. She will stretch the milk ducts for two weeks. You will also need to do everyday dressings. And if the baby is not fed, the milk ducts are removed.
The large nipple is corrected using a wedge-shaped incision. Excess skin is removed and superimposed cosmetic sutures. After such an operation, it will be impossible to breast-feed a child.
In the absence of a nipple, the surgeon transplants the pigmented skin from the patient's perineum or from the donor's breast. It is with this skin that the doctor will form the future nipple. It's quite a painstaking job.
Postoperative period as such is not present. After a week, the sutures dissolve themselves or are removed by a doctor, and already literally in 3-4 days you can live a familiar life.