Prostitutes of Kiev
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How prostitutes go to the solarium


Young whores prostitutes want at any time of the year to look tanned and well-groomed.

A young girl in a chair is sunbathing
In addition, not everyone succeeds in the summer to visit the seaside resorts. Therefore, many women often visit the solarium, and especially in winter. But it is necessary to observe a number of certain rules, so that a tan does not turn into a tragedy for your health.
Rules for visiting the solarium:
before going to the solarium, you should make sure that there are no rashes, irritations, acne and allergies on the skin. Otherwise, these skin imperfections will only worsen. In general, it would be very good first to visit a dermatologist, and then go to receive your dose of ultraviolet rays;
light-skinned young ladies, in general, it is contraindicated to visit the solarium;
also it is not recommended to sunbathe during menstruation, inflammations of gynecological nature and in the presence of any tumors;
Pregnancy is also a limitation for visiting the solarium;
if there is an elevated body temperature that can be caused by various diseases, an additional effect from above and ultraviolet rays will lead to fainting and worsening of health;
taking antibiotics strongly affects the human body. Therefore, there can be quite a negative effect in the form of burns on the body while taking medications and visiting the solarium. Since the skin becomes very sensitive under the action of photosensitizing agents.

it is worth making sure that there are no malignant moles on your body.
Also, remember that the first visit to the solarium should be limited to 5 minutes. Otherwise, burns will be guaranteed to you. It is necessary to moisturize the skin of the body and face, to anoint the lips with a thick layer of hygienic lipstick and hide the hair under a special cap, because the moisture will evaporate very quickly, but to replenish its reserves, restore the skin and hair will be quite difficult. Therefore, you should think about it beforehand and do not make such mistakes. Do not forget in any case to protect the eyes, for this purpose special glasses are provided. If you are sunbathing topless, then the nipples also need to be hidden from the ultraviolet rays with the help of special linings. You can not enter the booth in any decorations, with a phone or a player. All this can wait for you outside.
The main thing is, after a tanning salon, a prostitute needs to moisturize her skin, because when it dries up, small wrinkles and pigment spots may appear.