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Neck lift


Old prostitutes in Kiev want to look young and attractive for a long time. Therefore, plastic surgery offers this type of surgery, such as a neck lift. This will help remove a few extra years.

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There are several types of this operation. These are cervical liposuction, cervicoplasty and platysmoplasty. Cervical liposuction is the removal of excess body fat. The incision will be under the chin, so that it will not be noticeable. Liposuction will help remove the second chin at the same time. Cervicoplasty is carried out together with face lifting or laser polishing. And platysmoplasty is a correction of the muscles of platism. This happens with the help of their stitching. A superfluous skin immediately removed. The effect is simply stunning, which can be fully observed after an incident of one month. Only to consolidate the end result, a number of rejuvenating procedures should be performed additionally.
But before the operation should be carefully prepared. First you need to decide on a good clinic, check with a plastic surgeon for all his certificates. After the examination and consent of the doctor for the operation, you will need to pass a general analysis of blood and urine. Fluorography and ECG will also be necessary. If all the tests are normal, then the patient will be given two weeks to not smoke, drink alcohol and do not load the body with any physical exertion.
On the day of surgery, a woman will be injected with sedatives to calm anxiety and fear. The operation is performed under local anesthesia to exclude the risk of large bleeding. It lasts about two hours.
The postoperative recovery period is different for each patient. Everything depends on the woman's age, health status and many other factors. It will be necessary to wear drainage for the first time. Bruises after the operation will come down literally in five days. Painful sensations will be observed within one month, but the doctor will write down the necessary pain medications.
Some complications are possible after the operation, but this happens in very rare cases. It can be bleeding, scars, decreased neck sensitivity.
There are also contraindications for neck tightening. It is diabetes, infectious and oncological diseases. If there is goiter or thyroid disease, the presence of neck injuries, then this operation will also be impossible.