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Dating with girls on the street


Do not you like meeting girls at nightclubs or parties? Do you think that you first need to get acquainted using online dating on the Internet, afraid to meet with a street whore? Do you really want to know what the girl looks like and behaves in the daytime before you get to know her? Meeting girls while walking down the street can be a little daunting at first glance, but it's a great way to meet people in a more natural setting. Who knows, the girl of your dreams can work in the building for several blocks, and how else will you meet her? This article will guide you through the art of collecting :) girls on the street. Be bold, and perhaps you will find the ONLY, or at least the girl on Saturday evening! Keep in mind that most women are daily harassed on the street and therefore often fear outright harassment and dating in a tense situation or where they can forcefully force themselves to have sex.
This article does not help you learn how to shoot prostitutes! However, you must be able to communicate and remove a prostitute in Kiev correctly. This skill will help you with a negative experience of picking a girl on the street, compensate negative emotions with positive sexual feelings.
Attention all the tips but in reverse order apply to the girls !!!
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And so about what in the article
   -Preparing your appearance
   -Select a place for dating
   -bodies and verbal signals
   -first contact (do not think about sex) -the first communication.
   - exchange by contact phones


Part 1
Preparation for meeting with girls
Always be ready to meet a new girl. If you want to choose a girl, this will help prepare mentally and physically.
Before you leave, remember some funny jokes, if you have the opportunity to talk with a girl.
Continually scan your environment for suitable candidates; You never know when that can happen.
Pay attention to your environment, so that when you have the opportunity to talk, you can quickly come up with a comment to attract attention about something nearby.
Clothes and shoes should be tidy and attractive to reflect your personality. If you are a loafer dressed in a business suit, then the gap between your personality and your clothes will very quickly meet in a conversation and embarrass the girl, or make her a lie. Dress in such a way as to advertise the look of the person you are, but choose the most beautiful clothes of your preferred type that you have and wear.
At least, make sure that your clothes and hair are clean and presentable.
If you have a few extra dollars, spend money on a new pair of shoes.
Find out where the girls are hanging out. If you want to get acquainted with girls, you need to go where they are. Choose a place with lots of walking traffic to chat, for example, a street with many restaurants, a sidewalk outside a popular cafe or arcade in front of a large bookstore. In addition, plan your search time, when the girls who walk, most likely, have a little time.
People who are rushing to work or early, are unlikely to be in the mood to stop and chat. Start the search day with lunch or in the middle of the morning, when many people go out for coffee breaks.
It looks like you have a goal, besides collecting girls. Most women will be removed from the man (or woman), slouching on the street corner, and come to different girls when they walk. Nobody likes to be persecuted on the street! Your progress will seem much less threatening and far-fetched, if it turns out that you are busy or carry out assignments.
Even if you can just walk without a goal and look for girls, it's best to keep in mind some purpose if there is an opportunity for a conversation or an invitation ("I was on my way to the market, will you show me where it is?")
You can also try to "get lost" in the vicinity of a known destination so that you can ask the girl for help. ("I was just looking for the Kiev Central Universal Store, but it seems that they sent me wrong.) Can you help me?")
Part 2
Creating the circumstances of dating
Try to make eye contact when you pass by. If a girl who attracts your attention, try to look quickly into your eyes and smile when you pass by her. Do not look too long, and then digress for a few seconds to give her the opportunity to look at you if she is also interested.
Look back and try to see if she has noticed you. If you look back and catch it, looking at you, smile and give an emotional wave. If she smiles or stops (for whatever reason), approach her. Then go straight to the third part: "Start the conversation."
If you do not see that she is looking back, it does not necessarily mean that she is not interested. Perhaps she did not see you, or you might have missed her look. You will need to monitor this to find out.
If you catch her looking back, and she quickly turns away from you and goes on, it is a signal that she knows that you are trying to contact her, and brush her away from you. Let happen.
Turn around and approach the girl from the side. You can either go quickly to catch up with her, or follow her until she reaches a pedestrian crossing and must stop. Walk a few blocks if you need to approach it in a calm and natural way.
Do not touch it from behind or scare it from behind. This may seem threatening.
It would also be inappropriate and terrible for a woman if you ran after her or came to her all sweaty and out of breath.

Do not stalk the girl. There is a huge difference between the next person in a few blocks to catch up and introduce yourself, and pursue someone. Do not follow the girl for more than two or three blocks, and pay close attention to her signals. If she does not help you catch up with her, she probably is not interested.
If the girl seems to be accelerating, making it difficult for you to catch up, she knows about your approach and is trying to get rid of you.
If she pulls out her phone to call, this is another strategy to get rid of unwanted progress. Take this as a hint to retreat and leave it alone.
Do not try to follow her until she finishes her call, or the next call she makes may be in the police.
Do not follow a person in an office building or another place of business.
If she casually wanders in a cafe or shop, you can try to get close to her there, but remember that there is a good chance that she is alarmed by your approach and is looking for witnesses and / or help in getting rid of you.
Part 3
Starting a conversation
When you catch up with the girl, first apologize to get her attention. You can scare her if you start talking without warning, so it's good to open up something like lines. "Excuse me, but I saw how you walked a few minutes ago and just wanted to say" hello. "
Try to break the ice with a random comment about your surroundings. If you do not feel comfortable starting with "excuse me", try to make a brief comment about something in others.
If you are standing in front of a restaurant, you can say: "Something smells good, does not it?"
If the bus just left leaving the person at the bus stop, you could mark "Unlucky, right?" And give her a knowing look.
Give her a special compliment. Even better, try a compliment that offers some explanation or answer. Does she have an interesting hat? Say "Cool hat, where did you get it?". Does she have a unique hair color? Try: "You have amazing hair, what would you call this shade?" Does she sport in the T-shirt of your favorite band? Tell her that this is one of your favorites and ask her if she saw her show at the last (amazing) place.
Provocative compliments about addictions and sexuality will offend many women, so it's better to avoid them.
Focus on non-verbal communication. 55% of communication with people is visual, and another 38% are vocal, so your body language and the way you speak are much more important than what you really have to say.
Smile and maintain eye contact.
Stay confident with your chest and shoulders.
Start with the fact that your body is slightly deviated from it, then turn your body toward it when you say something interesting or funny to show your heightened interest.
Try to keep your voice low, and resist the temptation to talk too fast.
Continue the conversation, but only if it is welcome. Try to stay in conversation for two full minutes, even if you are afraid that the conversation is boring. Tell us about the weather or current events. Ask her if she is doing anything fun on the weekend, or if she sees a new film "50 shades of gray." It does not matter what you say while you are holding her conversation. The longer the conversation goes on, the better your chances of creating a connection. Probably, you should strive to keep talking for five to ten minutes before asking for the number.
Pay attention to the conversational tips that it gives you. If she switches topics, do it too.
If the girl is interested in you, she is going to help you and do everything possible to keep the conversation going.
If you do all the work, it probably is not very good, and you must prepare yourself to leave gracefully.
Ask her number. If your initial conversation was successful, take the next step. You do not recognize each other right here in the middle of the street. Ask her about her number and tell her that soon you will call or write to her. Then tell her how happy you will be to meet again, and let her continue her day.
If you have free time, you can invite her a little walk with you or sit over a cup of coffee, but waiting for what you have to wait to get to know you more can often work to your advantage, so do not take too long.

Know when you scared the girl or you do not like her. In some cases, especially if your walk was uncomfortable or unintentionally menacing, she may be frightened, irritated or even angry at your progress. Remember the signals that it gives, and always show respect.
If a woman does not respond, does not return your smile or does not look into your eyes while trying to have eye contact, she is probably not interested and tries to be polite. Take a hint and move on!
If she turns away or leaves, do not try to follow her, just let her go and do not take her behavior on your account.
If she tells you something rude, do not mind. Remember that you are the one who tried to invade her life uninvited, and not vice versa. If it seems to you that you have to say something, say: "I'm sorry for disturbing you," or "Have a great day!" And leave it at that.
Keep in mind the line between trying a friendly pickup and sexual harassment and do not cross it. The laws of sexual harassment vary depending on the region, but in most places the commission of unwanted sexual advances against another person is a criminal offense. Keep your interaction with the girls you are trying to pick up respectfully and politely. Do not say a word to the girl you just met, that you will not say before your grandmother or priest! Retreat at the first sign of disinterest.

Traveling in groups. If you are seriously looking for a woman's attention, take two friends and go out there. Being seen as part of the group, you get a good effect and reduces the chances that you seem intimidating. But do not go with guys who look much better than you, or girls may not even see you.
Edit Warnings

Do not be rude.
Although walking with friends can be effective, it can also frighten or intimidate women, or make a woman feel as if she is being attacked for the purpose of group sex. Do not travel to a too large group and make sure that your friends do not shy away from the girls you are trying to approach.
If your pickup attempt does not work, just release it. Do not click, or you will scare people.
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