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Sex for the sake of career


Unfortunately, at the present time, pretty prostitutes in Kiev have to have sex with their employers for the sake of moving up the career ladder. But, of course, not every girl is capable of this. There is already a matter of conscience and human morality. But sometimes for the sake of achieving one's own goal, such steps are good.

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By the way, and many men do not mind to build eyes to their boss for the sake of extra premium. But still go to such reckless step, according to statistics, most often prostitutes.
Consider the positive side of this outcome:
the possibility of obtaining a good monetary supplement to the salary;
achievement of the intended goal in terms of career;
getting proper place in certain circles;
in some cases it is possible to marry a superior;
frequent gifts and surprises;
overseas business trips;
Do not be afraid of reprima
nding the boss.
But not everything is so fine and good, because there are also negative sides, so to speak, the reverse side of the coin. With such an act, you can immediately feel a sharp negative from the whole team. You will no longer be respected, will communicate with you and will be considered a litter. So get ready to whisper behind your back, even minor offensive jokes are possible. Also, relations with the boss can be short-lived, and everyday fear about it can drive into a black depression. In addition to deteriorating health and taking antidepressants, it will not lead to anything good. And if there is any conflict with the boss or even you just become uninteresting for him, then wait for a shameful dismissal. Therefore, it is necessary to think very carefully before agreeing to an intimacy with the boss.
And do not forget that for the employer you will only be a stress relief after a hard and busy working day. And, especially if he has a family, then certainly you do not need to climb into other people's relationships. After such treatment and disrespect, you can greatly reduce your own self-esteem. The simplest is the longer, but by our own efforts to achieve the set goals. It will be much more pleasant. Otherwise, you have to look for a new job and start everything from scratch. After all, regret sooner or later will still come about the complete stupidity. However much you are attracted to money, it's better to think about your morale and pride.

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