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Sexual relations at different ages


Sexual contact is very useful and necessary at any age (except for teenage). Consider the advantages of such activities. Any emotions and reactions of our body are not accidental, they are produced by various hormones of our intelligent organism. Namely: oxytocin relieves anxiety, promotes healing, regulates pressure and temperature. When you just hug, you naturally increase insulin. Dopamine is responsible for the level of satisfaction, endorphins cause joy, help to avoid depression. Testosterone concentrates attention, and exacerbates the body to interfere with irritants.

Girl for sex

  Sex unequivocal panacea in cases of flu and cold. Strengthens the heart muscle. Women develop collagen responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Helps with prostate diseases in men and mastopathy in women. With active lovemaking, the brain is enriched with oxygen, the growth of cells responsible for memory increases.
  With age, the values ​​and worldview of people are changing, and the attitude towards intimacy is also changing. To get joy from the presence of each other in bed, you need to observe some nuances.
  At a young age of up to twenty years, a well-prepared theory is more important to which practice is applicable. By the age of thirty, experiments and variety will help to assert themselves and become liberated. Up to forty years the man is shown more to listen to the partner and give her the opportunity to control the time, alternately relaxing. In fifty, sprinkle the bed with romance. A variety will beautify your sex and not turn into a boring routine.
  For fifty two years, sexual pleasures will prolong youth, life, mood. If the partner also has not changed for years, you will both have something to remember and where to turn around because your bridgehead will not only be a bed, but also a lived life together.
  The female peak of sexuality is revealed by the age of thirty, the male to twenty. In forty years the woman is beautiful and tireless, prone to adventures, she does not mind thinking about a young partner. The man is more calm. By fifty ladies are gentle and sensual, and men are slowly giving up positions and it is important to gently support them at this crucial moment and prevent depression and spleen. After all, if you have been together for many years, then love each other and all the small failures will overcome!