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Creating a new family


Love, long-awaited meetings and now you do not think a minute without each other. Desire to be near, breathe one breath of air for two. The decision to live together and a natural desire to legitimize their relationship, thereby declaring to all that you want to live with a road prostitute in Kiev. Now the wedding has become fashionable, but after all, no one canceled the wedding. 

Dear prostitutes in Kiev
  How do you see your celebration? A luxurious feast for the whole world can not afford to everyone. As a rule, hot and passionate love leading to the wedding, manifests itself in times of hungry student youth. How to act with triumph if the finances are limited, and the birth of a new family I want to mention not only together.
  The organizer of holidays and celebrations will come to the aid (though this service must be paid again) it is possible to do cheaply only if it is your relative or acquaintance. Or you need to apply a little imagination of perseverance and plan everything yourself. If you still decide, then first you need to decide on your desires and opportunities.
  The dress can be sewn together with friends or order an interesting style in the sewing workshop. Pouring in fashion magazines you can choose what you like, and in Photoshop even try on a fictitious outfit. Ceremony can also be economical if everything is thought out right away. Traditional painting in the Registry Office will not cost much. Photographer can be invited only to the ceremony, and to a feast call a friend who without mercenary help the young family to shoot funny or memorable moments for the feast.
  If the number of guests is accommodated in a narrow circle of twenty or thirty people, then a cheerful friend or godmother can take on the role of a toastmaster in this case.
  Save money for the newlyweds will help weddings in the countryside, for sure among the close guests there are several people who will kindly provide you with a country house or cottage for a feast.
  Decorate the place will help friends and girlfriends of the young.
  As an option, you can arrange a painting on weekdays, then you will save on the machines from the guests come the closest, and the celebration to be transferred to the weekend indicating the place and time, and guests will catch up.
  In fact, you can turn a holiday into a costume party, inviting guests to dress in national costumes or clothes of a certain era.
  Relatively inexpensive hike in the restaurant with guests will order a buffet table. It's okay if someone seems that the newlyweds are greedy.
  In fact, the birth of a family is a celebration for two of you and how you celebrate it, and no one has the right to judge you. Remember, not every value judgment can be a behavior modifier!