Prostitutes of Kiev
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Sex Trap


Serega, I am the blacks we guys are
We break the backs on the "Ix fifth".
And I decided to take the girl at night.
To stress yourself, so to speak, culturally remove.
 The prostitute is waiting
Serega says: "Going on the track,
There's a nice little doll! "
And I told him: "Well, not in vain
We live in the twenty-first century "
Mobile I quickly got out
I sit down and leaf sites.
The candidacy was picked up by:
Here is this, submit it to us!
A couple of clicks - ready to order
With Seryoga we rub hands.
Her nineteen is a class!
And appearance, shape - super!
The price is cheap for such a miracle,
He will stay with Serge for us still for beer.

We go to the boom on the night
From the morality of everything away.
The young woman is waiting for us
And the hour of depravity is approaching.
Arrived I'm knocking at the door
I want to see nymphochi.
But to us the man has opened - here it is a turn.
And he says: "She has long been waiting for you.
Do not be afraid, I'm the agent of her
We work solidly, we are
Everything is ready for you already
You just sign a contract "
He told us to Seryoga,
Such, they say, orders
And in the hands of the contract gave:
"Read it clearly!"
A passion is desirable very, very much,
But the contract, miserable, suddenly turned out to be long.
Therefore, I ran through my eyes and signed,
Serega did the same and gave it away.
Then we paid a peasant
And finally we'll get that!
We go to the room, and there
Snowshine is waiting for us
A dozen extra pounds
That time we rushed to our eyes.
I decided, it seemed. No!
The agent returned:
"Brother, and this is crazy?" -
Then we were terrified.
"In the photo the passionate thing
With the figure of Sasha Gray.
And this giraffe
Here you and you! "
The agent frowned. Said:
"Have you read the contract?
All the data there painted,
And you signed! "
And the photo says a little
It is outdated, alas!
"But the contract is all in detail.
The snowman is waiting for you and burning! "
Seryoga, I see, it boils
And how do you rub it?
"One photo, here's another!
Even older, your mother!
So come back, boyfriend
You better make money for us now
Otherwise, I'll clear up the snake
And with a fist I will answer in the eye! "
Our agent was a little surprised,
To tell in detail has become
That the contract was concluded
Acceptance, offer - all business.
And the civil code is zealous
In our faces, we're tired, that's a freak!
Then Serega is right for him
Has put the code in the mouth.
The agent is angry, says:
"Come on here!"
And at that moment he flies
Fist Seregin - it will be bad.
We break the nose of the agent
And we collect money quickly
And afterwards the snowy shouts are flying:
"To help! Somebody Rather help! "
It seemed we were screwed in.
But no: overtaken us.
Then there was a court, an article, a loss,
Plus one more poster.
Inexpensive to remove stress decided -
They got in touch with Serge for a divorce.
The beauty stick is so in a hurry,
Now we are only trialing.