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Than you can replace sex


Kiev's intelligent prostitutes sometimes face such a problem as an irregular sex life. This may be due to an irregular sexual partner, divorce, due to various severe illnesses and so on. There are a lot of reasons, but there are methods for solving this important problem.

Intelligent woman
Scientists have proved that sexual desire directly depends on the development of hormones such as endorphin, dopamine and seratonin. Also, scientists found that when performing certain manipulations, it is possible to partially replace the production of these same hormones. But in no case can not give up permanently from sex, because it is an integral part of the life of any person.
The endorphin hormone is produced by the following actions:
when using chocolate, it can also significantly increase the mood, so it's no wonder that all women are such sweeties;
when practicing sports, only one hour of intensive training will bring the production of the endorphin hormone to the same extent as after engaging in violent sex;
when testing stress, because to solve problems the body automatically allocates a large number of these hormones to solve the current difficult situation;
when visiting concerts, galleries and exhibitions, because a woman experiences incredible pleasure in testing creative pleasure, it all happens because of the development of these hormones;
when replacing the pleasure of sex with money, it also brings satisfaction.

With hormone seratonin, everything is a little different, because he is responsible for the feeling of satisfaction. This feeling can also be replaced in some ways. For example, when eating bananas, figs, red fish and other foods. Also, a huge amount of seratonin is produced when listening to your favorite music. Still scientists have found out, that equal bearing essentially influences a mental condition of the woman. She immediately becomes more confident and happy. Seratonin can be produced in the body and with the help of antidepressants, but you do not need to use them without the advice of a doctor.
To increase the level of dopamine, you need to eat regularly, because satisfying hunger is accompanied by the production of this hormone. Also, in order to get the necessary dose of dopamine, it's enough to play in some team or go shopping more often. This helps reduce sexual desire. Incidentally, smoking also significantly reduces sexual cravings for the opposite sex, because the body already gets a large dose of dopamine while smoking another cigarette.