Prostitutes of Kiev
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Sex is fun for the body and brain relaxation. Girls for sex. Love and sex cause completely different emotions, but they are able to complement each other. Men and women differently perceive sex. Often for the stronger sex, sex is a process of relieving the emotions of relaxation and self-affirmation that does not require a relationship in principle. For a prostitute in Kiev, you need to communicate and participate both before and after sex. Even if a sexual intercourse with one partner can be repeated for a long time, it is unlikely that a man will immediately call it a romantic relationship, and for a girl this time becomes obsolete with dates, regularities and plans for the future with her partner. In such a situation, disagreements and quarrels are quite appropriate because the second half does not suspect the existence of any union. In order for sex to bring joy and relaxation, you need an orgasm. But the guys and girls get an orgasm through sexual contact are different.
A girl without emotional affection for a partner is unlikely to finally relax to get an orgasm. In the nature of a woman sexual intercourse, even the very first can lead to the birth of a child. Continuation of the genus is the law of nature. Which is incorporated in the girl initially. Therefore, orgasm lies only in the psychology of women. She can easily fall in love with a man. And having felt the wandering of love around him to experience an orgasm in contact with him. A woman needs love for orgasm is a fact. The guy on the other hand only understands that the case "smells" with love is immediately frightened that his freedom is under threat. That there is a forced responsibility. For men, sex is more important than love.
To live without love a man can, without sex is impossible. In fact, nature is not stupid because the more females impregnate the male, the greater the probability of continuation of the genus for the subspecies. The banal process of nature development. Hence the polygamy of the stronger sex, everything is laid down by the physiology in which the sponsor is "Mother Nature." This does not mean that women should be given birth after sex, and men have sex right and left. No! Just need to understand the physiological aspects of each other. Respect your second half for diligence and desire to be with you. Then quarrels will be less, and sex and mutual pleasure more.