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A prostitute gets rid of a suction


How to quickly get rid of sucking?

Sometimes in a fit of passion, lovers leave each other on the neck, chest sucking. How to get rid of them in a short time? One of the following means can be used. To effectively and quickly get rid of sucking, you need to do this as early as possible once you notice it.

Prostitutes are looking for a suction on the body

So, as soon as you find yourself sucking in, you need to immediately attach to this place a snow or ice wrapped in a napkin taken from the refrigerator. You need to hold it for about fifteen minutes. Then apply a mixture of such gels as troxevasin (for the removal of edema) and hirudoid (to prevent coagulation), which must be taken in equal amounts. During the day, a mixture of ointments should be applied at least three times. Also a very good remedy for sucking is a body sponge. This is such a special powder that you can buy at a pharmacy. To prepare the composition, mix a little bodypack and hydrogen peroxide solution. Consistency should be the same as that of shaving foam. Apply this mixture to the place of sucking for an hour, after which it is necessary to wash off with warm water. It should be noted that the bodyfish can slightly pinch or burn. This is normal, so you need a little patience. But the effect will manifest immediately. Do such procedures until the sucking disappears. As for the people's councils, they are numerous. So, for example, you can try to get rid of sucking with toothpaste. But it must be necessarily white. This method can also cause a slight burning sensation, which indicates its effectiveness.

A good remedy is rubbing the bulb with a bulb. To rub it is necessary to the extent possible several times a day. The sucking should disappear completely in two days. Garlic rubbing will also help, but this method is effective only after the appearance of the suck. It also helps a strong solution of soda food, which need to wipe the place of sucking.

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