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Increase of female self-esteem, is it possible?


Lowered self-esteem in women of the fairer sex is mainly the result of a low level of public opinion. Negative moments and characteristics, spoken by others, contribute to the formation of low self-esteem.

Underestimated the self-esteem of a prostitute in Kiev

And most of all it concerns a female appearance, in fact the girl can not be ugly. The very first sign of low self-assessment is the inability to accept compliments and praise from others. So the usual well-said word about a woman's appearance, can be perceived by her as a mockery. And on a compliment such a woman will react with a negative.
All female individuals constantly compare themselves with models that look from TV screens and covers of fashion magazines. This should not be done, because such a comparison will not add any confidence in its own beauty. A beautiful photo was processed, and the image of the model was specially created by stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers.
A whole group of people worked to make the appearance of the model ideal, but even after that the photos were still processed in a graphic editor. The question arises, but do we need to worry and complex with a woman about our own appearance, if the world famous models do not do without photoshop? How can I improve self-esteem? Psychologists recommend to revise the circle of communication, also a wardrobe and constantly work on themselves.
It is necessary to think about the circle of communication, whether there are among friends those who undermine the girl's faith in herself, and help to reduce self-esteem. If they are, then it is worth avoiding communication with them. It is necessary to spend time with good people who will always support and believe in a woman. Next, the fair sex representative should determine the positive features and dignities of her character and external data. They should be written separately on a piece of paper and re-read constantly when there is a need to increase self-esteem.
It is even more important for every woman to look at herself from the outside and describe what she saw. Then think about what you saw and think about possible changes. It is also necessary to take care of the wardrobe, it is necessary to get rid of old things, which causes awkwardness and discomfort. A woman should watch her posture and not stoop.

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