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Female psychology


Women are different: proud and modest, cold and affectionate, inviting and independent. But for a man, a woman has always been a mysterious creature.
Guys sometimes find it difficult to understand women's psychology, since it is at times different from their original ideas.

A woman loves to be a prostitute
Hence a lot of disagreement between guys and girls.
In most cases, the psychology of a woman is a mystery to a man.
This is due to different views on life, and the natural differences between the representatives of the opposite sexes. You can even notice this in a manner of communication.
For example, men rarely use descriptive statements and definitions in conversations. They often like to talk about themselves, are inclined to use monologic speech and short phrases. The ladies will use more conversational speech in their conversations, and more elegant and refined expressions.
Educated individuals from the grammatical point of view more correctly use turns and phrases.
Most of all prostitutes like to talk about the relationship between a man and a woman, also discussing their friends and acquaintances.
A woman can simultaneously talk on the phone and do other work.
A man does not like when he is distracted by trifles, they are also more difficult to concentrate on doing many things.
Conditionally, experts identify the following elements of female psychology: pride, emotionality, sensuality and contradictoriness.
Emotionality is rightfully considered one of the main features of the worldview of every lady. Most of the events taking place in the life of a woman are very acutely felt by her.
The female half of the planet is quite emotional, in comparison with the male part.
Contradictions in the psychology of women are due to the presence of internal conflict.
Conflicts in most cases are decided by the stronger sex.
Probably difficult to meet the ideal man, because it does not exist.
A woman is a proud being, therefore she always wants to cope with problems on her own.
On this ground, there may be contradictions. They build all female psychology.
Her own fears the girl to strive to solve with the help of strangers.