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Psychology what is it? Psychology is a science that studies the mental processes of humans and animals. The highest form of interconnection of all living beings on earth is the psyche. Due to his psyche, a person reflects the laws of the surrounding world. Psychology studies such moments as memory, imagination, sensations, emotions, temperament, inclinations, feelings, thinking, perception. There are so many branches, so-called sections of psychology: social, general, age, family, religious sports and so on. Women's psychology. In itself, this is a long word of the feminine gender, but is there female psychology? Definitely. How is it expressed? What manifestation is in the world around us ?

Female psychology

 As we know, we are guided by consciousness. In his image, you can identify two areas: Objectivity (the perception of the world), Subjectivity (a personal relationship to a person or an object accompanied by experiences). Women creatures are unique in their subjectivity in the perception of the outside world amazes and admires. Men, by virtue of a more analytical mindset, are objective in the external environment, and are less emotional. Girls can do well several things at once: peeling potatoes, watching TV series, chatting with a girlfriend on the phone to discuss the behavior of children in school. The man opposite reading the newspaper, he will never think about whether the shirt is worn, where the next pair of socks or why not go fishing on the day off. The representatives of the fair sex want to have everything and immediately, such is the female nature. Being a strong lady at the same time remains a weak and fragile girl in need of custody. Indeed, the correct expression of the strength of women in its weakness. Considering the concept of female psychology, looking at a lot of literature for comparison, it becomes clear that women's psychology is how the woman behaves with others and how she sees herself in the society.
Select and summarize you can such moments as:
1. desire and search for a pair
2. control over any situation
3. solving of different problems by absolute victory
4. the ability to adapt
5. full concentration with a sharp change in activity

Secrets: By listing these items you can not miss the fact that girls need custody and support from the stronger sex. Ladies having a soul mate and those who are looking for want to keep the man on the hook. For this they use different female tricks. Here are a few points on how to attract and hold the attention of a man. First you need to assure your friend that he is the most intelligent, handsome, desired. After letting know that you are a defenseless woman. Then, that affectionate and gentle. Show the man that he is in charge and his decision is final. And finally, support and care, what is needed for every person. All these tricks are possible only when a woman is in love or feels strong sympathy. So can the secret of female psychology is love?

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