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Electroporation is considered an excellent alternative to various surgical operations. With her help, you can also extend the youth and beauty of beautiful whores.

Elite prostitute of Kiev
Electroporation is very popular among the female population due to the fact that active skin preparations without acupuncture will be injected into the skin of the body and face, and with the help of electric current. Therefore, rejuvenation is not so painful and unpleasant. But the introduction of drugs occurs in medium tissues, and not into deep tissues. This is the main difference from injections of deep penetration, which occurs with the help of needles.
The whole procedure of electroporation consists of three different stages. So you can achieve maximum effect.
First, prepare the skin of an elite prostitute in Kiev, that is, cleaned of cosmetics and impurities and dried it. Then, with the aid of a special nozzle, which ends with an electric appliance, substances such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and others deep into the skin are injected. Women said that during the procedure they feel the filling of the skin with nutritious elements. After that, ultrasound therapy is used to improve the assimilation of the injected components. The final stage of electroporation is the procedure of cold therapy. For this purpose, a special nozzle with a blue color is provided in the apparatus. Cold has a soothing effect on the skin.
Advantages of electroporation:
It struggles with age-related changes, scarring and skin imperfections. Also improves skin tone and complexion;
There is elimination of pigment spots;
Improves the general condition of the skin, that is, getting rid of black spots, acne and blackheads, narrowing the pores, normalization of sebum;
Excellent cope with cellulite, even in severe stages;
Increases the elasticity of the skin, tones all parts of the body or face;
The skin is saturated with active substances;
There is a moisturizing of the skin.

For various problems, the cosmetologist also applies the appropriate medications. There is no need to undergo any special complex examination for electroporation, because it is quite safe.
But not all girls can afford to attend such a useful procedure, because there are certain contraindications. This is an arrhythmia, cardiovascular diseases, dermatitis, various wounds and sinusitis. Girls in an interesting position also should wait with a visit to the procedure of electroporation.