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Condoms are the safest and most reliable method of contraception.
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It does not cause side effects, like medicines for contraception. In addition, condoms help not only to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but also to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. The price of a condom is available to sensible people.
Today, condoms can be purchased at every step, from pharmacies and small kiosks, to huge supermarkets. There are so-called elite condoms, but this is a special case and price ... We will consider the average price segment, which does not affect its quality in any way.
Classification of condoms:

The size

On the box or packaging of a purchased condom, its size and scale of correspondences are usually indicated.
S - basic: 4-3 cm wide;
M - medium: 5 cm in width;
L - large: more than 5 cm in width;
XXXL, Extra Large: more than 6.2 cm wide in the head region and more than 5 cm wide at the base of the penis.
Please note that the length of the condom is usually, but in most cases it does not matter. Condoms are easily stretched.


The thinner the condom the better the woman or girl feels the heat of the head in her vagina.
For men, the thickness of a strictly subjective influence exerts in practice is not the main factor.
The thickness varies within the permissible range of 0.02 - 0.08 mm. The average index has a thickness of 0.05 mm and this is considered a particularly thin condom. After all, often the thickness has its significance for sensations. In addition, there are especially thin polyurethane condoms with a wall thickness of only 0.02 mm.

Condom shape

The main types of condoms offered are ribbed, smooth, for anal sex (with strong lubrication), aromatizers (for blowjob).
In form, they are ribbed with ringlets or pimples.


It is difficult to find a good condom without lubrication. Unless we return to the disintegration of the USSR, in those days it was not possible to meet such a thing.
Before buying, check the presence on the package of the inscription "Lubricated". Additional protection against unwanted pregnancy and infection with sexually transmitted diseases in case of condom breakage can be provided by a lubricant containing the spermicide Nonoxinol-9.


There are two problems when using a condom-rupture and slipping. In this case, much depends on the condom of its lubrication, width and thickness. The problem of slipping the condom is solved by buying with a special contour or anatomical condom.

Special technique of removing a condom in the vagina of a girl without arms.

After ending in a girl or a prostitute, you can continue the friction, knowing that your dick is now wet from the sperm and decreased in size. Continue frictions until the last, until the member drops out of the vagina, or you will feel excited for a new one. In 50% as a result of the second sexual act, the condom falls into the inside of your partner's vagina. In this case, do not for example pay a prostitute for sex without a condom.

Shelf life

The condom storage period is basically 5 years. However, this is if they are stored in a box. If they are stored in a package one by one, the shelf life of such condoms is greatly reduced. Also, low-quality condoms from Russia and China can be stored for up to 3 years.
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Warning LifeStools and Durex do not indicate the general expiration date and the release date, so they often sell stockpiled goods.
The choice of a condom for both a prostitute and a man is a responsible occupation. To save health, to have fun - these are the main reasons for using condoms.
If you eat or are going to a sex tour, then we recommend that you buy condoms at home. Many prostitutes when dressing their condom to a man with a mouth thrust preliminarily into a condom narcotic substances, from which a man falls into a narcotic orgasm. Drugs are absorbed through the mucosa of the penis. There is an accustoming and looping on one prostitute, merging money. So mostly come prostitutes drug addicts, to receive money and a permanent sponsor. Putting on a condom with drugs, the girl herself involuntarily loses her part. We are not talking here about the deliberate spoilage of a condom in order to obtain additional money for allegedly possible treatment.
P / S last paragraph is a purely personal experience and is a warning to customers of prostitutes.
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