Prostitutes of Kiev
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Appeal in verse to Platon Shchukin. Yandex.


There was a girl in the world, Alena,
To the coveted sex-ra.
She was not familiar with the law,
But in my heart I'm naive and bright.

Once, having succumbed to the devil, he fell down with honor,
Tasting the forbidden links sweet fruit.
Her fate for this is punished,
And terrible AGS her soul tears.

It's been 5 long years since that terrible night,
Alena, animated, revived.
She does not want to violate laws,
And she asked to ask for help.

Now a beautiful and proud girl
Goes through life boldly and easily,
With the mistakes of youth, she laughs loudly,
But the honor of a stained soul hurts deeply.

And how to reach out to the heart of God?
How to pray for the salvation of the soul?
Tell me, sir, how to find my way
On a clean path in the stillness of the night?

Platon Schukin

Plato Shchukin, the savior of the souls of the stray,
You are the only one who can help her.
Forgive me for ignorance, and do not punish the best,
Have mercy and release our daughter ...

She is now a spectacular girl,
And without parsing the link does not take.
She is in a short and expensive skirt
Fits happiness happily.

Allow it to meet the sun with dignity
And to light up a smile all around.
She had to answer for everything,
So hold out your hand, our friend!

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