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The first date in a girl's life


The first date in a girl's life

First date
What can be more romantic and mysterious than the first date? How to prepare for this crucial moment? To avoid stupid mistakes and not to turn the first date into the last, it is necessary to think through all your actions in the most careful way.

However, you should not give this event a special importance. You still have vague ideas about a new friend, so do not impose yourself with unusual manners in the hope of immediately winning his heart. It should be kept naturally and naturally, it will enable a man to evaluate you as a person, not a mask.

Getting ready for a date

Delaying a girl on a date is considered quite normal. But this opinion is not entirely correct. Waiting wearies a person, he worries, worries, and languor in the end can develop into discontent. Therefore, if the delay is inevitable, it is necessary to warn the person, call him on the phone.

At the first acquaintance the man, first of all, evaluates the woman visually, therefore it is necessary to give special attention to the appearance to look exquisitely and feminine, but not defiantly. Clothing should emphasize the dignity of the figure and not be too close and uncomfortable, since it is unlikely to give a pleasant sensation. Perfume should also be selected in the right way, a light and unobtrusive aroma should come from you, and not a heavy trail.

How to behave properly on a first date

From the first minutes you want to learn as much as possible about a new friend, but you should not get carried away with questions so that communication does not turn into a question-and-answer form. It is not appropriate to ask him about ex-girlfriends or financial incomes. There are men who like to talk about it, in which case they will tell themselves about themselves, without waiting for questions.

It's also not advisable to franken about yourself on the first date. A woman should personify a riddle that a man has to solve. Only then will you be interesting to him. Do not behave and too cheeky, loud laughter, vulgar jokes can alienate the gentleman, although at first glance, he may not show his mind, supporting the conversation.

If the first meeting grows into something more, it is difficult to say. Every man wants to see a female in his girlfriend, and every woman in a man is a defender and a gentleman.

Intimate intimacy on a first date

Is sex possible at the first meeting? Everyone should answer here himself. It is possible to act decisively only when a man needs you only for these purposes. If you are counting on something more, you should restrain your impulses.

Men in their actions are fickle, they try to tighten the girl into bed at the first meeting, but also do not like too accessible. The behavior of a man (touch, stroking) will show how serious his intentions are.

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