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Ligation of fallopian tubes


Ligation of the fallopian tubes implies a complete rejection of the woman's ability to become pregnant. This is a very important and difficult step in the life of any woman.

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But there are a number of reasons why such an action is necessary:
Women over 40 who already have a sufficient number of children;
extremely acute reluctance to have children due to any psychological trauma;
diseases that can significantly harm during pregnancy to both the girl and the fetus;
severe diseases that can be transmitted from mother to child;

For the ligation of the fallopian tubes, there are several options for conducting the operation. This is a laparotomy, a laparoscopy, a vaginal method, endoscopy of the uterus, the establishment of tubal implants.
Laparotomy is an operation under general anesthesia. The doctor makes an incision in the abdominal area and binds the fallopian tubes.
Laparoscopy is performed under general anesthesia. In the process of such an operation, several incisions are made at once. One is near the navel, it is about 5 centimeters long, the next - in the pubic area. The upper cut is for the camera, and the second is for the clamp. For convenience of doing the operation, a special gas is injected into the stomach, after which the pipes are pipetted and the ends are sealed with the help of electrocautery.
The vaginal method is performed with the help of an incision in the lower part of the vagina, scarring practically does not remain. Through this incision the doctor enters the abdominal cavity. The vaginal method increases the risk of infection.
Endoscopy of the uterus implies a barrier to the passage of mature eggs from plastic microtips placed at the beginning of the fallopian tubes.
The establishment of tubal implants is performed vaginally under local anesthesia. This procedure lasts about 30 minutes. The doctor pushes the cervix and introduces implants in the form of small tubes into the fallopian tubes alternately. After, with the help of an X-ray, watching the correct installation of implants. After three months, the pipes completely block the passage of the eggs to the formed scar tissue.
Such manipulations are an absolute guarantee of infertility of women.
The consequences of the ligation of the fallopian tubes are insignificant. Allergies to anesthesia may occur and bleeding may occur. The menstrual cycle, after a while, will recover again. Climax before the deadline will not come.
Before dressing, each patient must sign the relevant legal documents, which will confirm her consent to this operation.
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