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Refusal of sex


Why does a man refuse to have sex?
Along with the men's complaints about the reasons for refusing a weak half from intimacy, questions began to arise from women rushing about, why a man avoids intimate contact.
Before dealing with possible versions, regarding this, one should rely on the relations that have developed between the pair.
Family relationships or common life
Previously, sex was bright, but at some point the intimate life becomes a routine or even stopped altogether. A familiar situation is for many couples who are married. As soon as sex ceases or becomes a rare phenomenon, a woman begins to reason. Let's talk about women's guesses.
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Treason - come to mind any wife, when she noticed that in the conjugal intimacy something is going wrong. Do not rush to make a scandal and "mites" remove from the beloved truth. In such cases it is better to observe the behavior of the husband.
A man does not like family sex
How many complaints come from the strong half, that the wife refuses sexual experiments, oral caresses, anal sex or role-playing games. Maybe it's worth going to meet men's desires?
Recent births
Husbands complain that they simply do not feel their woman during sex. In this case, the ladies are using vumbildinga to bring their intimate muscles into tone, and men have enough patience, because in time the vagina will return to its prenatal state.
Do not overlook the following reasons for which a man does not want intimacy: fatigue, problems at work, worsening male health.
The initial stage of relations
There is not always a picture in which a man after three or five visits invites a girl to her home. Here the weaker sex begins to wonder why this happens.
- Fear of disappointing a woman, for example, by a quick ejaculation, a small size of dignity.
- The existing problems in housing issues, in other words, simply does not have a place where you can retire.
- Fear of communicating with the opposite sex because of a bad past experience.
- Moral sadism, manifested in the pleasure of manipulating a woman and keeping her in a constant ignorance.
- Bisexual orientation.

In any relationship, there are many reasons that push men to a categorical rejection of sex. Remember that only an open dialogue and trust will help to understand the situation.
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