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Skills of love


Do you know how to love?

  Asking myself this question, probably 99 percent answered in the affirmative. And it is true. One, I thought I love children, the other that loves cats, the third is thinking of love for his second half. And in fact what kind of love? It is multifaceted, confused, sensual. Skills of an elite prostitute
  Having many definitions, and in fact happens such, what not to express it with words. Which makes your heart beat more often in excitement about the upcoming meeting.
  There is a love of parents for children, it is the strongest and miraculous. Loving parents do not stop worrying about their child until their last breath. Worrying for his well-being. Material and spiritual peace. There is no love more difficult than this. And there is no greater joy than being a parent.
  Children love their parents with selfish love. They think their parents are gods. And they consider the failure of their whims to be the personal reluctance of their ancestors. The love of children for parents is one of the most unfair forms of attachment.
  Love for work is rare and people suffering from it are called workaholics. It manifests itself in a rather fanatical form. The basis of it lies in excessive enthusiasm for their profession or a chosen business in life. A person believes that, in addition to him, no one will do the right thing as correctly as possible, which means that quality will suffer, and this workaholic can not allow.
  The love of God is perhaps the most mysterious. After all, this feeling is based on trust. And you will agree it is difficult to trust someone whom I myself have never seen. But the sensation of the presence of someone invisible leading us in earthly and extraterrestrial life, who supports and protects us every minute, warms the heart and soul. Calms and inspires.
  Family love, when a man and a woman own this feeling, it seems that they soar high in a pure, and bottomless blue sky. The ability to forgive, raises them above the singing of birds and the flight of clouds. Forgiving, we take our couple as a gift of fate. We take care of each other. We rejoice at each minute spent together. And during a fleeting separation we are convinced of the correctness of our life choices. Praising yourself for premature wisdom.
  The homeland is protected by altruistic love. Few in our time, consciously and fanatically ready to give their lives for their country and the people living in it. Nevertheless, such citizens exist and they believe that it is a great honor for them to give their lives for the country in which they were born.
  As you can see a lot of options, if you found one among them, then you know how to love!
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