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Misconceptions about beautiful ladies


The opposing sex always knew how to shock and mislead many of the guys. But this opinion of the girls is wrong. In reality, the situation looks different. Fragile and beautiful creatures easily charm a man with their natural beauty. The young ladies are not really as helpless and fragile as men think. In nature, such a serious mistake could not be made, the woman was not created as a helpless and stupid creature whose main purpose is the prolongation of the human race. Men very quickly began to call themselves a strong gender. Next, it will focus on the main topic of the article, namely: the main misconceptions about the weak field.

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Delusionality is the first. All the girls are mad with children. Girls are not as tolerant of children as boys. After all, tales of many peoples of the world speak about this, where the stepmother is presented as hatred and anger towards children, and about the stepfathers this is not said. Women are ten times more likely to complain about the behavior of children than men.
The second error. Women work much weaker than boys. In professions not associated with heavy physical stress, ladies do not surrender and work at the same level as men. In our country, for example, women workers enjoy respect. Specialists also say that women are more responsible workers than men.
The misconception at number three says that the girls are cowardly. So, according to the developments of one of the German scientists, a woman can not always recognize the risk of the situation that has arisen, and therefore she is capable of committing bold acts.
Misconception is the fourth. The girls are inferior to the guys in the intellect. This is another myth, because the ladies enter the so-called golden mean. Among them, it is very rare to find high or low levels of intellect. As for men, their intelligence indicators are very diverse. Broshtinstvo ingenious personalities, of course, men, but among them and fools is not a small number.
The fifth error concerns the weaker sex. Even though the woman looks weaker, they are more resistant to radiation and different infectious diseases. Also one more important fact, prostitutes are more resistant to stressful situations and are more tolerant of various emotional disorders.