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We accelerate the metabolism


Everyone knows that a slow metabolism leads to the formation of extra pounds and the development of certain diseases. Therefore, if the prostitute is sure that the reason for her poor health and excess weight is a slow metabolism, then you can accelerate it yourself, you just have to follow certain rules.

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Basic rules for the acceleration of metabolism:
should eat breakfast. This golden rule will speed up your metabolism by about 10 percent, and this is a pretty high figure. And if you neglect this rule, you will notice a completely opposite effect;
use for cooking hot spices. This is due to the fact that spicy spices contain a special substance, which, getting into the woman's body, contributes to the development of adrenaline, and this leads to rapid heartbeat. Therefore, energy costs will be intensively directed to the work of the heart muscle, that is, the metabolism will immediately increase. After all, in fact, metabolism is the rapid receipt of energy for a person from products;
consume green tea. This is an excellent tool for accelerating the metabolism, because it contains catechins, which accelerate metabolism and relieve fatigue in the body. Also due to antioxidants, it helps to remove extra pounds, because they increase the process of fat oxidation;
there is seaweed. It can be noted that this tool works on the example of the peoples of China and Japan. Most of their population are quite slender and active people, and in fact they eat a huge amount of seaweed. In addition to increasing metabolism, algae also stimulate the thyroid gland. Replace seaweed can be apple cider vinegar. You can slightly add it to various dishes;
to use ginger. Scientists have proved that ginger has the most beneficial effect on metabolism, speeding it up.
visiting a sauna or a sauna. This good pastime not only improves health, improves mood, relieves fatigue, but also helps with increasing metabolic rate. This is because the body begins to expend its energy intensively, so as not to allow significant overheating. Of course, such an effect can be replaced by dipping in ice water, but all can do this as opposed to the first;
do sport. These classes will bring a lot of positive autumn into the life of every prostitute. Everybody knows this, so do not forget about it. The body spends a lot of energy on muscle building. Strength training will always help to stay in great shape;
you need to monitor the diet. It is necessary to give preference to vegetables, fruits and lean meats. All these products contribute to the normal state of metabolism. Do not load it with fats and excess carbohydrates.
Also, many companies sell funds that allegedly help with the acceleration of substances in the body. Before buying these dubious drugs necessarily consult with your doctor. And it is better for women to accelerate metabolism on their own, without resorting to any fraud.