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Real love

Despite the fact that love is a purely personal and individual feeling, there are still some common signs by which one can distinguish it from passing love. Signs of love. 
Signs of love. The girl is preparing for the wedding.
The girl is preparing for the wedding. Many prostitutes in Kiev should take these signs into consideration so as not to miss their happiness. So, here are the main ones:
Appearance of the chosen one fades into the background. Women begin to be more attracted to the spiritual qualities of men.
A woman calmly perceives all the shortcomings of a loved one, without trying to remake it. Some of the masculine oddities even begin to seem nice and special.
All disagreements are resolved easily and without quarrels. Loving people patiently listen to each other's arguments and come to a compromise.
Length of relationship. True love is experienced by time. At first glance, only sympathy can arise, and deep feelings are laid every day, when lovers have seen each other not only cheerful and elegant, but also tired, sick and in their home clothes.
Stability of feelings. Storm of passions is not an indicator of true love. When the excitement is constantly replaced by indifference, it is akin to a mental disorder or a painful attachment. True love is a tender feeling, which is distinguished by its stability and depth.
The true love of a young girl
Desire to become better. Love inspires new achievements of both women and men. The spiritual harmony, which gives love, helps to move towards the goals and constantly improve.
Lack of ownership. Loving people trust each other and respect their partner's personal freedom.
No selfishness. Love implies absolute disinterestedness towards one's chosen one. It allows you to sacrifice your own profit for the sake of the beloved without regrets.
Love for your man is not the only meaning of life. Love harmoniously complements the rest of life, enriching them with new colors. If the relationship becomes the center of the universe, eclipsing other interests, friends and work, it is a painful attachment that will eventually leave only emptiness and disappointment.
Bright memories. Even if for some reason, love does not turn out, it leaves only a light sadness on the soul. Precious memories and experience enrich the heart, filling it with warmth and understanding. Parting does not entail a prolonged depression and does not bring thoughts of self-destruction.