Prostitutes of Kiev
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What do men dream about?


"The ideal wife should be the mistress in the kitchen, the lady in the living room and the whore in bed"

In modern society, women have learned to give themselves. The art of seduction and retention of men girls are not taught. Make it pleasant for your loved one. It's not easy to let him use your body.
The art of seduction is an active participation in the achievement of orgasm by a man. Knowledge of this principle is lost, not advertised, not transmitted from mouth to mouth.
Each man from a psychological point of view, perceives the activity of a girl in bed, as an interest in him, to his body, to his rich spiritual world.

Fatal women history

Queens in ancient Egypt taught the art of blowjob. Especially succeeded in this famous Cleopatra. The ancient Greeks even gave her the name Meriohane (Expanded).

Cleopatra went down in history as the ruler of Egypt. Historians forget to mention that its beauty is based not so much on external virtues, but on the ability to make blowjob including.
Plutarch on Cleopatra: "For the beauty of this woman was not that which is called incomparable and amazes at first sight, but her appeal was distinguished by an irresistible charm, and therefore her appearance, combined with the rarely convincing speeches, with the huge charm that showed in every word, in every movement, crashed hard into the soul.The very sounds of her voice caressed and delighted the hearing, and the tongue was exactly a multi-stringed instrument, easily tuning in any way - to any dialect ... "
It is true that within one night she made a hundred Roman patricians royal blowjob. During the night spent with her, men were willing to pay their lives. I'll repeat my life.
Two thousand years later, a high-profile blowjob makes the mistresses Great and desired for any man, from a simple guy to a great power president ...

Suffice it to recall Evita Peron, who made her way from the daughter of poor peasants to the First Lady of Argentina.

Eva Perón
Marilyn Monroe. Legendary sex symbol of America. I experienced my first orgasm in life after serious sessions of psychotherapy.

Marilyn Monroe

But perfectly able to do blowjob. The most luxurious men, including President John F. Kennedy, have visited smart hands and lips.
Monica Lewinsky. Oral feats of the press secretary's apprentice with the recent US president have become widely known.

Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton
Sylvia Kristel. Actress. Played the main role in the film Emmanuel. I repeated the way of my heroine. I went to school with old Mario and mastered the art of blowjob.

Sylvia Kristel and Valerie Jiscall Dasten

Became the mistress of Valerie Giscard d'Estaing, the president of France.
Since the time of Mata Hari blowjob is a mandatory subject of study in all the world's intelligence. The program was most developed in the Mossad intelligence. They actively continue to develop the art of the ancient pharaohs.

Mata Hari
Sex is magic that works. In a woman's skillful hands, a man becomes an instrument. Which she controls. No wonder they say that all politics in the country are run by women. Through bed intrigues and relations, more issues are resolved than at meetings, sessions of parliament, government.
Do you want to have power over any man? Bring your activity to the sexual sphere. Learn to skillfully do blowjob! Adjust to the man. Give him the opportunity to assess his power and sense of having an inaccessible, beautiful, stylish woman - you.

Blowjob skills

There are many different techniques and exercises for the execution of blowjob. You can find out by experience how much the man likes. Using each time different techniques of blowjob, oral sex.
However, there is a way that will allow you to quickly understand the wishes of men:
Give your finger to the man that he would take it in his mouth. He began to suck and do with him what he wants from you - and you repeat what he does with your finger already with his penis. It may not immediately work out, but it helps to achieve the necessary movements with a language that you will not see and will not show.
Often blowjob in women does not work because men do not tell her how to do it. Discussing a topic with friends is not always convenient. There are special basic techniques that facilitate a woman's understanding of this delicate science.

Blowjob for beginners


Cover your teeth with your lips and shape the letter "O". Do not strain your lips. They are free and soft. Holding one hand for the basis of man's dignity, slowly slip your important lips down. While you feel comfortable. At the bottom, hold for one or two seconds. Move slowly in the opposite direction. Repeat these movements. You can stick out your tongue and slide it along its trunk. Avoid biting and biting, scratches of the penis with teeth.


Cover your teeth with your lips. Cover with a smooth ring man's dignity. Pull down the skin of the skin on its trunk. Firmly take a member in his hands, exposing the head and start to make such movements, as if you are licking ice cream. Here the main movement is language. It is recommended to quickly slip on the head of the penis, writing out a variety of shapes. The movement of the language should be very diverse. From slow stroking to quick, short touches.


Use your mouth like a tiny vacuum cleaner. Draw the man's dignity into your mouth to half and then, without removing the vacuum, pull it out of your mouth. This double-sided tension is very exciting. Take care to keep a vacuum in your mouth. The pace of movement is varied, individually. Most men like high speed. Avoid moving with your tongue.

Royal or deep blowjob

Deepthroating Blowjob

The most favorite among men. With a deep immersion of male dignity in the mouth, you may experience a vomiting reflex. Feeling of suffocation. Practice first on a banana or dildo. It is necessary to learn to relax the larynx and in no case to strain it. Only in this case his banana will go freely back and forth. For the first time, perhaps you will not be able to capture-swallow it whole. However, after several training movements, swallowing the penis will be easy and free.


Technique strengthening orgasm. Bringing a man to orgasm, just before orgasm, you lock your hand with your thumb, pinch the channel in the base of the penis through which the sperm is released. Massaging his lips and arms around the trunk imitate spasm. Characteristic for ejaculation in men. Active movement. Sometimes aggressive. When you release, unlock the finger from the canal of the penis, the man will experience an enchanting, deep orgasm. We recommend to block the channel with a finger for 5-10 seconds. Increasing it. Checking the result on the physiological, mimic muscles of your partner. It's incredible how such a simple technique multiplies pleasure for a man many times.

Having mastered the techniques specially designed for you and the secrets of blowjob, you will become an unsurpassed seductress and the most desired mistress for your man. She is an attractive woman who will settle in his fantasies, and to which he will return again and again ... all his life!

Pay attention to important circumstances during sex

Your status
. An impregnable girl. Clean and clean. Self-sufficient. Or a prostitute on call.

Place of sexual contact
. In the front seat in the car, in the sauna or in the chic apartments. In three places - you can immediately understand your status, even if you are a prostitute. For exotics, you can try to change these places of sex. But the very first time and say about your status. And after the first sex in the chic apartments, do not engage in constant sex in public toilets.

Your partner status
. Do not listen to what your partner says. Look at his ability to spend money on you. On his actions.
To judge a person is necessary, based mainly on his ordinary actions, observing his daily existence.
M. Montaigne

He can have an expensive car. He can be expensive dressed. But I did not spend a penny on you. Did not give a gift. So your status for him is very low. Or you could not hook it. This is SIGNAL! For reflection and conclusions. Be able to break off ties with men Vampires for which your status, regardless of the circumstances of dating, will be lower than the prostitute drug addicts from the track.

Male vampire, gigolo
From which you do not receive reverse compensation (in feelings, gifts, flowers, money - at your discretion).