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Menarche - the age of the onset of the first menstruation. Depends on the physical development of the body, nutrition, diseases, social conditions and so on.

The first menstruation in girls. Scheme of the structure of the vagina

Precursors of menstruation can be: without the cause of changes in health, fatigue, weakness, excitement or bouts of depression, headaches, dizziness, lower abdominal pain, nausea and other causes.

Currently, the average age of the onset of menstruation is about 11 years. In the psycho-sexual sphere, menstruation is usually associated with the development of libido, sexual attraction.


Menopause - the termination of menstruation in a woman. It marks the end of the childbearing period in the life of a woman, normally it is about 50 years, although experts note a significant variability in menstruation. The early onset of menstruation 40-45 years usually takes place under unfavorable working and living conditions, after frequent childbirth and abortions, massive blood loss, chronic infectious diseases.

Menopause in an adult woman

In the archives of the Paris Academy of Sciences, the patient's 106-year-old medical history is kept, which continued to be menstruated. Meissner observed a woman menstruating normally from 20 to 60 years. Within 10 years she had menopause, and from 70 to 98 years, normal monthly. From 98 to 104 years she had a second menopause, and in 104 years menstruation began again.

Menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle (the sexual cycle) is a periodically repeated complex of morphophysiological processes in the organism of sexually mature female individuals associated with reproduction. The time interval from the first day of menstruation to the onset of the first day of the next. Normally it is 28 days, but individually it can be shorter. Day 21 - anteponitoring cycle, shorter than 21 days - periendorrhoea, 35 days - postponing cycle, longer than 35 days - opromenorea. "The life of a woman is subject to a certain regularity, which is determined by the menstrual cycle caused by cyclic ejection of hormones."

Menstrual cycle by days. The calendar
Menstruation occurs in a woman who has reached puberty, during "red" pregnancy is impossible. The object of deification in pre-Christian times. In ancient Rome, menstruation was patronized by the goddess Mena. The dynamics of the onset and manifestation of menstruation is very variable. Normally, the duration is about 3-5 days. The amount of blood lost during menstruation is about 50 milliliters. More than 1590 ml of hypermenorrhea. Menstruation is functionally interrupted during pregnancy and feeding of the baby and stops completely with the onset of menopause.

Spoken - paint, critical days, blood, color television. Obsolete-catamenia, years, regime, repack.

Menstrual blood

Menstrual blood is blood associated with menstruation. Menstrual blood was attributed to a special power. It was among the means used by magicians, witches and alchemists, up to the 17th century, and in some places, for example in Tibet, it has been used for magical purposes to this day.

The magic of menstrual blood. Tibet

Basically menstrual blood is used in magical rites for the love spell. Refers to the section of black magic. The main ways to use, perform the rite:

* On a piece of white tissue dripped one drop of a month's blood and dried stain. Then the cloth was burned, and the ashes were added to the drinking of the man.

* Drops of menstrual blood were added to the food with the words: "Drink my blood, give me your will. You will only listen to me and do it, as I want. I'm the only one - your lady. "
Thanks to this spell, the man fully submits to the woman.

* An even number of drops of a month's blood dripped into a drink or food, saying the words: "My blood has gone, I do not need it, but I need a slave (name)."

* 2 drops of blood added to the wine and 7 times sentenced: "As this blood is in me, so you are a slave (name), come to me."
Wine feasted fascinated man.