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Breast lift for a woman

Mastopexy is an operation to lift the breast. The problem of omission of the breast, unfortunately, is familiar to many women. This occurs in connection with pregnancy, breast-feeding, a sharp decrease in weight, with age. Therefore, plastic medicine offers women such an operation as mastopexy.

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The essence of the operation is that the doctor removes excess skin, which led to the excrement of the mammary glands.
If the breast is small in size, then the lift takes place with a simultaneous increase. This will create an attractive breast shape. Breast of medium size means only removing excess skin. But with a large breast, you have to work longer. To begin with, remove excess glandular tissue along with the fatty layer, and then start to cut out excess skin.
The operation takes place using one of three main methods:
Periareolar tightening.
T-shaped lift.
Short seam application.
Peri-aureolar lift is performed by a cut along the areola of the nipple. This is the best option for a slight lowering of the breast. But unfortunately, after the procedure the breast becomes slightly flat.
T-shaped braces mean cuts of vertical, horizontal and round-like character. This is a rather complicated operation, since the length of the seams is very high. But the result is quite effective.
The use of a short seam, namely, a vertical seam, reduces a considerable amount of time during this procedure. But this implies a certain risk of complications. But the sensitivity of the nipple and the natural form remain unchanged.
Prepared for mastopexy need to be carefully. A month before the operation, the girl can not smoke and take alcoholic beverages. It is necessary to pass a sufficient number of tests. To pass or take place inspection at mammologa. Make ultrasound and chest X-ray. Before the procedure you need to take tranquilizers.
The postoperative period lasts about three months, that is, after this period of time, the final results will be visible. About a week will need to take painkillers and antibacterial drugs. For three months you can not exercise and exercise yourself. Every week it is necessary to come to the doctor for an examination.
The only drawback of this operation is that stitches remain. But the result is beyond all expectations.
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