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Massage of cellulite prostitute


Hardware types of massage with cellulite. Many are very concerned about the appearance of cellulite. This disease has recently been seen more often and more often. It is necessary to fight with it complex then the effect will be positive. One of the constituent parts in the treatment of cellulite are various massages. 


Especially effective are the types of massage.

 They not only reduce stagnant processes, but also contribute to good lymphatic drainage. With a hardware massage, a special anti-cellulite cream is used, which must contain one of the following components: menthol, theophylline, camphor, aminophylline. There are several methods of hardware massage. This is a vacuum anti-cellulite massage, which is performed by means of air pressure provided by a special apparatus. Under the influence of such a powerful vacuum, the connective tissue of the capsule containing "hard" fat breaks.

 As a kind of vacuum massage - the impact of special rollers, providing rolling over the body "waves". This method is also called endermology. There is also pressotherapy, which can be called pressomassage, pneumomassage. This procedure is carried out using special corsets - mechanical active lymphatic drainage.

 Through such corsets dosed exposure to compressed air is carried out. It is also used for the treatment of cellulite microcurrent and electrical stimulation. This method by means of a current affects the fatty subcutaneous tissue, breaking down cellulite tubercles and removing excess fluid from the cellulose. This method, such as lipolysis, is also widely used in the treatment of this female problem. It can have its own kind - it's lipolysis, electrolypolysis, including intracellular, as well as cellulolyolysis. These all methods are based on the use of electrodes in the fight against cellulite tubercles. An alternating current is passed through these electrodes. And another method of influencing cellulite is ultrasound.

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